Menu – now with “Lost and Found”

Live Grooming Reports has been deleted and I’ve added Lost and Found to the main menu. 

Now that I’ve deleted Live Grooming Reports, I imagine the owner of will suddenly reappear and I’ll have to add it back on. That would be okay. 

If you’ve recently posted a lost or found item, feel free to post it again on the new page. 

The Gear Swap page which I never thought would be used much, has become incredibly busy. When you post on Gear Swap, just a reminder to leave some method of contacting you.

It’s interesting to know what’s on your mind, so I enjoy all the questions which are submitted. One item on the menu with lots of answers is the “Resources” tab. I’ve been adding items to the Resources menu including Track Width, Acronyms, and the latest Grooming and Tracksetting: How it’s accomplished.

Priddis golf course

I received the following email from Priddis Golf Course general manager Chad Thomlinson on Nov 4, 2020:

“Please note that thee groomed trails on our golf courses will no longer be available to the public. Resident passholders and Club members are the only authorized users of our lands. This decision made by our Club is to protect our property from damage and reduce the liability potential.

If you would kindly remove any reference to using our facility on your website that would be appreciated and obviously any further suggestions to come and use our trails are not welcomed.”

I was somewhat taken aback by the harsh tone of his email. Yet on their website they are still inviting the public to ski and snowshoe. Maybe someone forgot to tell the website person…

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