Moraine Lake road

Nov 6, 2020: I’ll be posting two updates tonight, one for MLR and one for the Great Divide. If you’re considering skiing at MLR, the parking lot is now closed. 

Frozen snowmobile tracks

The photos I’m posting go along with Roy’s detailed trip report which you should read. I stopped at MLR to check the conditions and the icy snowmobile tracks which Roy described in his report were right there and had me concerned about trying to snowplow down any steep hill. 

Skiers arriving at MLR from Tramline

Three skiers arrived at MLR after skiing down Tramline. They parked up at the lake, which is where you will need to park to access MLR. They made it down Tramline without any problem but noted there was an icy crust underneath the 3 cm of new snow. 

Lake Louise received substantial rain recently which left the trails very icy. 

I drove a kilometre up the road to the Great Divide parking lot where there was also 3 cm of new snow over the icy base. Chip and I skied to the end(10K) and enjoyed it the whole way. Conditions were very good. There’s just enough fresh snow to mitigate the icy layer underneath. I’ll be posting an update on the Great Divide later. 

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