Moraine Lake road

Moraine Lake road at 9K. Photo by Chuck

There are a lot of interesting and informative features in Chuck’s MLR trip report and photos. People have been asking about skiing all the way to the lake, but there is avalanche danger beyond the 9K point. The grooming ends at 9K, and there’s a nice big sign to warn you. 

Moraine Lake road. Photo by Chuck

Chuck includes captions with his photos and they are always worth reading. For example, he included a photo of Upper Tramline and noted that it is only single trackset. This is to accommodate skate skiers who are using it to access MLR. 

Chuck followed the rules and started from the lake parking lot(Upper Tramline trailhead) but his pictures show a lot of vehicles parked on the road at MLR. 

Frank, who was skiing the late shift, added this excellent news…

To add to Chuck’s good conditions report… I met up with the tracksetter at the trailhead around 3pm ish who was setting up for the weekend crowd.

Who can answer Steph’s question about Lake O’Hara Fire road “how far in before you start hitting the avi run out zones? Or is it pretty much right away?”

The pandemic seems to have created a lot of interest in cross-country skiing, which is no surprise to me. It is one of the safest activities we can be doing this winter. Stores are selling out of gear. The Gear Swap page has never been busier. Views to this blog in the first 12 days of November are up 79% over last year. Thanks to readers like you, we are averaging 8419 viewers per day. 

Flashback Friday

Think you’ve got it rough? I rode to school occasionally in one of these Bombardier snow coaches. Back then I thought it was fun, but I guess the strong smell of exhaust fumes didn’t bother me. I follow a Facebook group known as “Old Saskatchewan” and Larry Hansen posted this photo today. My sister Carol made some interesting comments. 

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