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I’ve noticed that a few readers have been posting on the old Gear Swap page. I don’t know how this page got into circulation, but it is no longer on the main menu, and I’ve deleted it. Please post your comments on the new Gear Swap page. This one is on the main menu.

Elk Pass (file photo)

The following trails in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park were trackset last evening:

  • Elk Pass
  • Blueberry Hill
  • Patterson

Upper Lake Connector was groomed.

If Elk Pass parking lot is full, park at the Upper Lake.  Got your Kananaskis parking pass?

Yesterday’s powerful winds distributed a lot of tree debris on the trails in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park. Last night’s grooming will be the cleanest trails on which to ski, however I see that Mud Lake received about 4 cm of snow, so maybe the PLPP trails received some of that. 

The PLPP Discovery Centre is now open daily 10 am – 3 pm

Lake Louise

Nov 28 at 9:12 a.m: Update from Chateau Tracksetter Jeff:

“We had very little wind transport yesterday during the day, but overnight things have certainly changed. I would expect blown in tracks and debris would be here too. I’m just getting started for the day and will send an update when I’m through.

On a side note, the Lake has lost ice thickness in the last two days, even noticeable since yesterday walking to the boathouse along the shore this morning, there are now open spots of water.”

Update Nov 28 at 10:58 a.m: The trail report indicates the Great Divide, Moraine Lake road, and Upper Tramline were trackset this morning

Fairview (file photo)

The big news from LL is that Fairview is now trackset. That means you’ll have an alternative to Tramline for accessing Moraine Lake road. Tracksetter Jeff remarked, “Fair condition, with the normal early season hazards like twigs, rocks, stumps and roots in random, unforgiving places. Use caution and maybe not your race skis!” 

A few of yesterday’s trip reports mentioned seeing dogs on the trails in PLPP. Dogs aren’t allowed on the trails, but I had friendly chats with both groups and discovered they entered through the Back Door where there are no signs regarding dogs. The group with the dog named Ozzy sent me this email last night…


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