Snow on the way

Nov 5 @ 12 noon: I’ve checked the various forecasts throughout the SkierBob empire, and the predictions are wildly variable. As the storm gets closer, the forecasts should get more accurate. 

Coming from the south, there’s an initial blast on Thursday night into Friday starting with rain(hopefully snow at higher elevations). It gets colder, then snow on Saturday night-Sunday. Yet another system from the west moves through on Tuesday. 

Lake Louise is not getting very much, but they only need a few cm to refresh the trails. West Bragg Creek and Kananaskis should receive about 10 cm but I expect that could change. 

It appears the southeast corner of the province is receiving the most snow with Cypress Hills on tap for about 40 cm. 

Moraine Lake road update

The trail report for Lake Louise is now indicating that Moraine Lake road parking lot is closed. Access to MLR will be from the Upper Tramline trailhead which is at the lake parking lot. 


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  1. Word has it that The Saskatchewan Avalanche Rescue Team has just gone to DEFCON 2.

    • as a matter of fact CARCA has been dispatched:

    • lee slopes of overpasses are particularly touchy.

      20-25 cm at highwood with yesterdays blast. Hopefully some upslope conditions will dump a bunch at Bragg with this next cooler wave or two.

    • Get the pickup out of the quonset, Martha. We’re going ditch skiing!

      • Steve, now that’s something we could have done back on the farm. I was holding my breath when the skier went through the intersection at 1:18. The next video which came up, Redneck Ditch Water Sking also looked like fun, but the barbed wire fence was a little too close for comfort.

    • Isn’t SART funded by the Federation of Avalanche Rescue TeamS? Word is it’s dried up, and they are looking for expat donations.

  2. 10 cm of new already at highwood pass today.

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