The most beautiful sighting

Grooming Elk Pass. Photo by Steve Riggs.

Nov 16, 2020: After a summer of wondering whether we would ever see this incredible machine again in PLPP, Steve Riggs spotted it today on Elk Pass as it was starting out. Steve remarked…

“A surprise encounter with the groomer at the end of our trip, on lower Elk Pass trail a half km up from the trailhead! Best guess might be that Elk, Blueberry and Hydroline get groomed tonight. Maybe even trackset up higher where there is much more snow?”

The machine was sent away this summer when they “went out of business.” Today it was returned and put to work immediately. Everyone in the SkierBob empire must be jumping for joy at this development. 🙂

This early in the season, the trail is usually groomed only(corduroy surface) for the first couple kilometres, and as Steve suggested, tracksetting may occur at higher elevations. 

Get your parking pass!

Parking at Elk Pass

Mike W noticed the grooming was also on the Upper Lake access trail. When the Elk Pass parking lot becomes full, please park at the Upper Lake where there is a large parking lot. The ski trail from Upper Lake to Elk Pass is only 900 metres long and it sounds like it will be groomed. 

I hope someone who goes to Elk Pass tomorrow will take a picture of their parking pass being displayed on their dashboard and send it to me. 

Mt Shark

“Sources” tell me there was a snowmobile at Mt Shark doing some packing today. Not sure if it was snowmobile packing or roller packing. Who’s going to check it out?


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  1. No update on live grooming so far.

  2. Hopefully Steve was able to contain his joy and move off to the side.

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