Friday morning update

MK reports that it’s -18°C at the PLPP Discovery Centre this morning.

I have an update from Helen Isaac regarding our discussion about the Great Divide and when it was closed to traffic…

“Our records say that the first Telemark race was held in 1973 along the closed 1A highway.

The Telemark loop was cut in 1979.

So the old 1A has definitely been used since 1979 and most probably from 1973-1978 too.”

Alex asked this question…

Is there a schedule for tracking the trails in PLPP after a significant snowfall? ie. can we expect it to occur 1 or 3 days later.

I don’t believe there is any set-in-stone schedule for tracksetting subsequent to a big snowfall. There are lots of factors that determine when tracksetting occurs. Can anyone name some of them? 

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