Kananaskis Grooming

Dec 23: Debbie is all smiles as she skis on the Bill Milne trail in Kananaskis

Dec 24, 2020: A short eight weeks ago today, Oct 30, we learned that grooming would continue in Kananaskis.

It would have been unthinkable to lose ski trail grooming in Kananaskis. Especially this year. The mania around cross-country skiing has indicated that people needed this more than ever. Can you imagine all this snow, laying ungroomed, on all our wonderful trails? It hurts to think about it. 

Dec 23: Bill Milne trail in Kananaskis

Janice’s poem was submitted on Oct 17 when we were trying to give the government officials some encouragement: What do you like about skiing in Kananaskis? The comments are worth reading over again. 

Dec 23: Bill Milne trail in Kananaskis

Thank you to the point man for Nordiq Alberta, Ken Hewitt for everything he’s done, and it has been a lot, to make sure that grooming was reinstated. I’ve been working with Ken for the past two months and have developed an enormous respect for his organizational abilities and diplomacy. Not to mention the hours he has put towards this cause.

I know there are many other people at Nordiq Alberta and at Alberta Parks who deserve our accolades, but Ken is the one I’m dealing with and talk to regularly, and get to see how much he has contributed to this effort. 

Dec 23: Terrace trail in Kananaskis

I’m thrilled to say that we have the same experienced people doing the outstanding tracksetting: Jeff, Alex, James, Jody, and Dylan. Alex, get some sleep over the next few days. 

Now, our wish for an early Christmas present has come true and we can appreciate more than ever what an incredible gift that Kananaskis ski trails and grooming are to us. 

The conditions on the Bill Milne trail and Terrace trail were wonderful yesterday. Cold snow, beautiful firm tracks, and gorgeous surroundings. The wind was howling on the drive out, but the air was perfectly calm on the trails. When you drive past the casino on Hwy #40, don’t let that drifting snow deter you.

When I started out at Wedge Pond around noon, the air temperature was -13°C and the snow was -9. I used old Swix green(-7/-13) and it worked well all day. The air temperature had warmed up to -7 by mid-afternoon. 

Do you have your Kananaskis parking pass?



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  1. Hi:
    That’s a lovely shot of Debbie.
    My sister and I skied Silver Springs golf course this aft. It was glorious. Might as well ski in town when you can!
    Merry Christmas,

  2. Thank you also to skier bob for our skiing updates!
    Stay healthy everyone for the remainder of 2020 & 2021.??

  3. A big thank you to the track setting team…you’re cross country skiers’ snow angels thank you! thank you! thank you!
    Thank you to Nordiq Alberta for keeping track setting in our parks, hopefully this will be successfully supported so it continues!??

  4. Merry Christmas Bob – and Merry Christmas to all the volunteers, tracksetters, groomers and others who are making it possible to enjoy our amazing ski trails!!

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