Mid-storm update from the command centre

My back yard in Calgary

Tue Dec 22 at 8 a.m: Ribbon Creek Tracksetter Jeff’s early morning report:

RCMP are not recommending travel on Hwy 40, so I’m happy to hear that Jeff and Alex made it out there okay. 

The skiing on Skogan Pass, Kananaskis village trails, and Bill Milne trail will be wonderful in a day or two. Do you have your Kananaskis parking pass?

Update: I just got an email from Tracksetter Alex “Skogan was only track packed today. Just too much snow ( 60 cm or so plus old unconsolidated underneath ) to groom and track. Hopefully tomorrow night.” With the cat-track it will leave a choppy surface, so probably not the best for skiing on steep hills.

Don’t go to West Bragg Creek...“Due to the EXTREMELY HAZARDOUS road conditions going into WBC, please do not come out for the freshies until the afternoon when the road into WBC can be plowed. Trust us- you won’t make it down the road right now.” (See below for a further update from WBC)

Kananaskis Country Public Safety…“The Spray Lake road is currently closed from the bottom of Canmore hill to Shark road due to high avalanche danger. Snow is heavy currently and avalanches are actively occurring along the highway. Estimated reopening Dec 23rd with low confidence. Stay tuned for updates.”

It’s a bit difficult to measure snow depth with the wind, but I am getting measurements of 40 cm in sheltered areas of my back yard in the city.

I’m hearing reports on TV of 25-40 cm throughout Calgary, and 45 cm in Bragg Creek. 

Ray Perrott has 32 cm in Canmore and still snowing lightly.

I’m enjoying all the “punny” snow-related comments from my readers. 

If you’ve always wondered what backcountry skiing was like, just head out your door with skis on. 

West Bragg Creek update

Snow Rabbit at West Bragg Creek

This report is from George Brindle…

Boomer Jeff and I went out with the new machine last night as he tried to stay ahead of the massive dump.  Everyone who donated (and everyone who didn’t but still can at https://braggcreektrails.org/donate-now/ ) will be super happy with the packing performance of the Rabbit.  

George Brindle clearing trees at WBC

Over a foot of snow can be packed in one pass and most trails with only one trip in each direction or two passes one way to cover the width.  Obviously the snow still needs to firm up up before being skied on or track set with this much in one dump. Plus the roads are super treacherous in West Bragg.  In my opinion, maybe given the softness, stay home today and let the grooming crew get the trails perfect and ski tomorrow??

Snow Rabbit video

Snow Rabbit video 2


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  1. Finally, RIBBON!

  2. Thanks for your hard work.

  3. This is a day to help your neighbours shovel and ski LOCAL —your neighborhood parks. Stay off the highways please so that plow crews can do their work and emerg services doesn’t have to get you. It’s going to take time for those parking lots to be cleared as well. It’s a heavy snow so the rural roads are as bad as I’ve ever seen (was out earlier this morning). Stay safe.

    • Good advise. Shovelling done. And just put in a few loops on the park across the street. 2-3 m elevation gain, thin in wind exposed areas, rocks beside the path through the garden. Just like pre-storm Kananaskis. (-;

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