One last chance

If you haven’t yet skied in 2020, today is your last opportunity. There’s no shortage of good conditions and places to ski throughout the empire. 

Redearth Creek Photo by Jeff Lockyer

The big news on the tracksetting front is that Redearth Creek in Banff National Park is trackset… 

“Jefferey Lockyer here from the ACC/Shadow Lake Lodge. I was at Redearth today at lunchtime And set a track in both directions to the 10km mark (Shadow Lake trail junction). Previously we also brought the snow machines into the lodge after that big dump last week with much effort, so we will more than likely continue working on that section in the coming weeks. Photo is attached of the track I put down today. Cheers.”

Can you believe it, another tracksetter named Jeff. 

Last night in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, the following trails were trackset: 

  • Elk Pass
  • Blueberry Hill
  • Patterson

In Banff National Park yesterday, Cascade Valley was trackset to Stoney Creek(14.4K).

Confederation golf course

“After the snow farming the yellow, purple, orange loops were groomed and trackset. The driving range was also redone with a double track around the outside and skate lane. 6 track training grid and skate lane were also redone up the middle.”

Although lots of new skiers are reading this blog, it would appear they aren’t heeding the warnings about the Goat Creek bridge. Jean-Francois was there yesterday observing the havoc… “The descent to Goat creek bridge was rather safe even though on the way back I saw a few people falling on the way down.” Normand also mentioned “the last hill down on Spray River East to the Banff Springs Golf Course, has several exposed rocks.”

Tanya submitted a colourful report about the mayhem on Moose Connector at West Bragg Creek… “The big hill down to the bridge before Mountain Road was absolute carnage. Fallen people on the ground, folks resting halfway up, others standing in the middle of the trail… we had to slalom around people to try and descend.”

Troll Falls trail

I thought the photo of people on the  Troll Falls trail was indicative of the recent trend of “Everybody and their dog” being out recreating. I took that photo on my way to Hummingbird Plume via Ruthie’s. 

I was thrilled to receive the trip report from Jasmine Curry regarding the Bearberry trails which are a little northwest of Sundre…

“The terrain is great for those just starting into the sport – a little of everything and not too technically challenging. Also a great place for classic folks to get away from the crowds and enjoy some nice long stretches that allow you to fall into the kind of hypnotic kick and glide rhythm that keeps you skiing in the first place.”

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