Overnight grooming and tracksetting

I hope everyone notices the diligence and hard work of the grooming crews. Grooming reports are being submitted at 2 and 3 a.m. after long days on the machinery. As we surmised, it’s taking many passes with the equipment to get the trails in shape because of the deep snow. 

West  Bragg Creek – A number of trails have been trackset. Check the trail report for details. It’s -21°C at the trailhead this morning. 

Approaching the top of Skogan Pass(file photo)

Ribbon Creek, Skogan Pass

Skogan Pass is trackset all the way to the top. The offshoot trails of Sunburst, High Level, and Skogan Loop have only been packed with the snowcat and will have a rough surface. 

Ribbon Loop and Terrace have been trackset. 

Terrace trail (file photo)

Bill Milne was originally on the agenda for today but with the slow going, I’m not sure if the schedule will be completed as planned. The remainder of the village trails(Aspen, Kovach) are still waiting for their turn. 

For anyone who isn’t familiar with Skogan Pass, it’s #1 on Risto’s Hill Pain score. 

Have you purchased your Kananaskis parking pass?

Peter Lougheed Provincial Park

Trackset last night were Elk Pass, Blueberry Hill, Patterson and Hydroline from Patterson jct to Tyrwhitt jct. 

Boulton Creek, Moraine, and Fox Creek were trackset for the first time this winter. 

Canmore Nordic Centre

Natural snow trails trackset last night: Bow, Meadowview, Coal Cut, Freddie’s Flip, Cold Shoulder, Grey Wolf. 


Kicking Horse and Tally-Ho were trackset yesterday. 

Shaganappi golf course

Report from Shaganappi Groomer: Corduroy! After today’s soft soft conditions, and nearly 30 hours of volunteer time in 26 hours,  all trails were groomed tonight, and they are setting-up (freezing) well.  Beware that some trails have very uneven surfaces, especially the access trail to the lower loop.

Confederation golf course (file photo)

There are some unmarked hazards that usually aren’t hazards…ie: buried rocks that are used in the summer at the golf course to indicate distances…they’re partially or fully buried with a bit sticking out at the top.

Volunteers are working hard to have Shaganappi ready for the holidays. …  we hope to track set in the next day or two. 

Confederation golf course

The Blue and Green trail were groomed and trackset last night. Work is ongoing.

The Spray Lakes road south of Canmore is closed due to avalanche hazard. 


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  1. I skied Nose Hill today, wallowing through deep snow, sinking to ground. It was fun though. I found out today about another urban ski trail, this one groomed:

  2. A Special Public Avalanche Warning has been issued for much of western Canada for the holidays given the number of weak layers, wind slabs, the new snow load, the possibility of human triggering and the propensity for people to step out into fluffy avalanche terrain in nice weather during Christmas. I experienced a large settlement (whumpf) today well below treeline on a small wind exposed slope beside an ungroomed XC ski trail. Current conditions are providing unexpected possibilities.

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