Snowfall predictions

Most of this snow is supposed to come on Monday. Hoping for the best, but I’d be content if the low prediction came to fruition… 


Thanks to Charles, we know that some of the natural snow trails at Canmore Nordic Centre were rolled yesterday. 

“Canmore nordic center had packed meadowview, rundle, bruin, Banff trail and a few other high up trails. Meadowview was very good rock skiing the whole way. Even the down hill at the west end. Rundle was mostly okay except a few rocky downhills. 5 or 10 cm of new snow will make the natural trails in okay shape.”

Although the above are packed, the trail report still indicates they “are not ski ready.”

Elk Lakes Cabin

Trying to access the ACC Elk Lakes cabin would not be much fun right now and we’ve had a number of reports from skiers who have described the challenges. This comment from Arie captures the situation well…

“The logging operations I heard earlier in the year have expanded now, and there is a fresh clearcut right beside the powerline. The road underneath the powerline has been plowed out. In all, going to Elk Lakes Cabin via Elk Pass and the powerline would be a muddy, noisy and ugly mess. Something to consider if anyone has booked the cabin over the holidays.”

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