Snowfall updates

West Bragg Creek

Dec 9 at 7 :15 a.m. from Groomer Jeff: “Bragg Creek has received only 5 cm of snow overnight but it is still falling as of 7 am. Temps are expected to rise quickly today to about 3 degrees C and then fall overnight. Grooming will commence once the snow has stopped and temperatures are below freezing. Skiing is not recommended on most trails at present due to a thin base and numerous natural hazards. If you choose to ski, your best bets would be East and West Crystals, Sundog and Hostel Meadow (not Loop). Be careful out there!”


Mud Lake weather station shows 10 cm overnight, and 19 cm since this event started. Mud Lake is near the Chester Lake trailhead. 

Dec 9 PLPP trail report: 10-15 cm of snow has accumulated overnight and is forecast to continue falling into the afternoon.

Nakiska received 3 cm overnight. 

Lake Louise

Lake Louise trail report Dec 9 at 11 a.m: 10 cm of fresh snow. 30 cm the last 48 hours. Recent tracksetting: Dec 9: Moraine Lake Road; Great Divide; Upper & Lower Tramline; Bow River Loop.

Ski Louise reports 6 cm overnight on the lower mountain. 


Kicking Horse Ski Club: “25 cm of snow. Got great snow for packing –Joe did the Kicking Horse Fire Road–but he could NOT track it due to the mild weather. Like sledding in MUD he says! More of the same today–but by tonight it will get colder!”

I will update this page as the day goes on.


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  1. I skinned up the ski out to Goats Eye and skied alpine from there…no line ups on any chair I took…we must have arrived in the parking lot just as everyone else was getting there

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