Tue Dec 22 at noon: The moniker “Snowmageddon” is reserved for the biggest monster snow events of the winter. It’s nice when it comes relatively early in the season because we can expect good conditions for most of the winter.  There have been a few winters where I was never able to use it. 

The Snow Rabbit at West Bragg Creek

West Bragg Creek update from Boomer Groomer…

(Please don’t go to West Bragg Creek today!)

0730h Dec.22, 2020 Initial grooming started at 10pm last night when accumulations were about 20 cm. As of this morning accumulations were over 45 cm. It has been difficult keeping up with just packing the snow.

Picnic table at Bragg Creek. Photo by Christine

Track setting will not commence until the snow stops which may not be till later today. Expect very soft conditions with inconsistent grooming, as multiple implements have been struggling in the deep snow. The new Snow Rabbit, however, has exceeded expectations and has not missed a beat in the last 14 hrs of operation. Should be a fantastic holiday season of skiing once we get everything groomed!

The evening’s snowfall on the picnic table at the right was cleaned off. This amount arrived after 9 pm. Christine estimates about 60 cm in total. 

MaSid has our first post-storm trip report(he not only builds couches, but has a sense of humour)…

“Just put in a few loops on the park across the street. 2-3 m elevation gain, thin in wind exposed areas, rocks beside the path through the garden. Just like pre-storm Kananaskis.”

The crew at Ribbon Creek will be working a double shift today…

Update: I just got an email from Alex “Skogan was only track packed today. Just too much snow ( 60 cm or so plus old unconsolidated underneath ) to groom and track. Hopefully tomorrow night.” With the cat-track it will leave a choppy surface, so probably not the best for skiing on steep hills.

Deep snow presents its own problems for the tracksetters, but I bet it’s a lot better than dealing with thin snow, rocks, dirt and twigs. 

The Great Divide at Lake Louise was trackset today.

Trackset skiing comes to Calgary…

Confederation Golf Course Dec 22 at 3 pm: “Roller packing is going well but slow with so much snow! After that is done we will then run over it with the Ginzu and smooth out and set tracks..tonight or tomorrow morning!”

Shaganappi Golf Course in Calgary…

SNOW!!! All trails at Shaganappi Point golf course in Calgary were Skidoo track-packed last night, and we’re heading to Shaganappi to Skidoo track-pack a second time this morning. After the track-packing this morning, we’ll have a better idea on whether the snow depth and conditions will allow us to groom and possibly track-set the trails!

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