The best skiing on planet earth

Pocaterra near Lynx junction

It doesn’t get any better than this. Although I was tempted to take advantage of the new tracksetting at Kananaskis Village, I decided to leave the crowds behind and head for peace and quiet in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park. 

Starting out at Boulton Creek

After reading the trip report from Tanya, where she referenced the Ribbon Creek parking lot and exclaimed, “Parking lot was insane!!!!,” I  am happy I made the choice to head for Boulton Creek where the parking lot was like a ghost town with only 20 vehicles. 

Approaching the steep part of Whiskey Jack

I was in a long line of vehicles on Hwy #40, and most of them turned off to join Tanya at the village trails. 

We are enjoying some incredibly wonderful skiing conditions everywhere, and I was delighted with my “PLPP middle trails loop” where everything was perfect. Cold, clean snow with well-defined, firm tracks where grip was excellent and glide was screamin’ fast. 

Pocaterra at the Whiskey Jack junction

The air temperature at noon at Boulton Creek was -10°C and the snow was -11, so I used my LF4-waxed skis and applied a couple layers of green grip wax which performed well all day. 

You know conditions must be good everywhere in PLPP when Tyrwhitt has overnight tracksetting but I chose to turn left at the top of Whiskey Jack, which I climbed for the 200th time today(well, perhaps 10 of those trips were descents). 


The 6K downhill run on Pocaterra to the Lynx junction has never been better, not even on Cookie Race  day. I completed the 17K loop on Lynx, Amos, and Wheeler which were all in excellent shape. 

The scenery on the drive out was spectacular with the majestic Elk Pass cloud hanging low over the park, and its tentacles spreading into adjoining valleys. By staying out of the south end, I didn’t lose the sun at all today. It looked beautiful for me, but not so pleasant for MaSid who was under the cloud in the Elk Pass meadows. 


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  1. I’ve been skiing at night by headlight or moonlight and it’s been fantastic, both Elk Pass and Skogans recently! Although I’ve been THE ONLY PERSON out there in the empty parking lot. lol. I wouldn’t exactly say it’s been lonely by today’s standards, peaceful for sure.

  2. Outstanding Bob! Glad you had such a fantastic day!

  3. Hey Bob, so good to run into you in the parking lot! You arrived at prime time, it was pretty chilly out there early morning. I was looking forward to a lovely ski after volunteering in Boulton Creek parking lot, but unfortunately was suffering from a bad night sleep, combined with a stupid fall the day before. Such a disappointment to not take advantage of those wonderful conditions! Wasn’t that cloud amazing?
    Thanks for your website AND thanks to Nordiq Alberta!!
    You’re never going to get a better deal than $50 a season for these exceptional trails. My kids pay more than half that for one day of skiing in B.C.

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