The “Death Bridge”

Polly, who is an avid reader of this blog, knew what to expect for her first time confronting the Goat Creek bridge at 7k along the Goat Creek trail on Christmas day. She managed to get across safely, but nevertheless, she has aptly nicknamed it the “Death Bridge.”

Click for a larger image. Quotes without attribution are from me.

I can’t emphasize strongly enough to all the new skiers to be extra-cautious when approaching the Goat Creek bridge. I’ve been warning readers about the Goat Creek bridge since this blog was in its infancy. Way back on Dec 29, 2008, in my first-ever update about Goat Creek, I posted the following…

“At approximately the 7K mark, there is a steep hill with a winding turn that goes down to a bridge over Goat Creek. As the trail gets skied on more and more, this downhill gets very glazed with very thin snow. Once you’re halfway down, there’s no turning back because you can’t stop. 

As you approach the bridge, what makes it really exciting is that you have to make a quick right turn to cross the bridge. If you have a full head of steam, chances are you’ll not make the bridge.  Your choices then are to bail before you impale yourself on the bridge railing, or go for a swim in the icy waters of Goat Creek.

Many times I have removed my skis at the top of the hill and walked down to the bridge. My motto is to be safe and live to ski another day.”

In the interim, I’ve posted many warnings, and read first-hand accounts from many skiers, a few of which I’ve posted here. I’ve posted some photos below of the death bridge, including skiers bailing before they reach the bridge, and the signs which indicate you are approaching the bridge. 



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  1. Thanks for the shout out, Bob! I am flattered! I hope more readers listen to your “Death Bridge” warning ??. What would we do without this blog!
    “Live To Ski Another Day” sounds like a James Bond film title. I hope they include an action sequences with Daniel Craig as Skier Bob!


    There are no death bridges if one skis under control. If a skier requires metal edge skis to prevent a ski or die accident, they should get a pair to maintain control and know how to use them.

    The Goat Creek trail requires the control of a Mountain Goat most of the time, particularly at the confounded bridge. A bridge too far- if you hit it hard and have to get back home- up hill.

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