Wax like a mother

Dasha Atkins

Here is an excellent guide to waxing for beginner to intermediate skiers. Not only is it simple and easy to understand, the best part is that it’s focused on our local trails and conditions. Thank you to Dasha Atkins of Space Dogs ski club for providing this…

Hey Bob!

I have created 3 short videos and an accompanying PDF document to help with waxing for our beginner skiers at Space Dogs Ski Club. I thought more people could benefit from good tips on waxing their skis, so I’m sharing it with you and the SkierBob readers. Please follow this link to the videos and the article .

I want to help more people learn how to take care of their skis and have more fun skiing on well-waxed skis.

I called the videos “Wax like a mother” because I had my 2-month old baby Tim sleeping in a backpack on my back as I was making the videos.


Space Dogs ski club

For future reference, I have added a link on the Resources tab on the main menu. Waxing your skis – grip and glide


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  1. Does wax have a shelf life? It seems like my green and blue waxes have stopped working – like maybe they dried out.

  2. Please, PLEASE, wear and advocate proper respirator and/or ventilation whilst hot waxing. The science is VERY conclusive on damaging health effects on not just melting fluoro but ALL hydrocarbon wax vapors. Sorry, but NOT sorry! for being a kill joy.

    • Wax shavings can also make smooth floors (like wood flooring or concrete) extremely slippery, and it is extremely difficult to clean up when this happens.

  3. That’s well and good but let’s hear what Baby Tim has to say about all of this!

  4. Thanks for the videos! I’ve been ironing in green as a base kick wax for a long time, but never thought to give the zone a light sanding after cleaning to improve adhesion. Learn something new every day!
    My observation is that many skiers could benefit from improving their grip wax application, based on the number I see herringboning up every uphill.

  5. Dasha and cooperative 2 month old Tim, thank you both so much for creating these videos. I love your “Home Hardware” scraper approach. I use one of my old irons but always wondered how soon after using the wax solvent (I use Bio Citron KUU) I could apply my Kick wax. I generally prefer to leave an hour or so in between. And because I hate to go fast, my technique at Glide waxing has been almost non-existent. I love these videos you donated to Skier Bob’s site and will watch them again. Your pitch to SkiGo just tells me I need to learn to “trust it more”.

  6. Thank you so much for the info Dasha and Bob!

  7. Thanks so much for this Dasha and Skier Bob for posting!!! It’s very helpful and clear.

  8. If Dasha waxes her skis, she is going to ski on them! 🙂

  9. In a galaxy not so far far away, Fast Trax has a steady supply of SkiGo wax It’s great for up here in Edmonton, too.

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