Wedge Connector – a great beginner’s trail

Wedge Connector at 2.4K

Dec 23, 2020: Ski mania continues: this blog set a record yesterday with 19,303 views. It’s averaging about 60% more readers than last winter. I’d like to welcome all new readers and the new contributors to the Trip Reports page. Your valuable information helps skiers decide where to go tomorrow.

Tracksetter Alex on the Wedge Connector

Another group I’d like to acknowledge are beginner skiers. Until a few days ago, the only excellent snow conditions and easy trails were at Lake Louise. 

Brent and Debbie on the Wedge Connector

If you’re looking for a trail with wilderness ambience, the hidden gem of beginner’s trails is the Wedge. About five kilometres south of the Kananaskis Village turnoff, with the trailhead at Wedge Pond, this is an outstanding trail for beginners. It’s seldom busy, and the trail is super easy.

It’s a delightful 2.6K through aspen and spruce to the Evan-Thomas creek, where you can enjoy spectacular views while enjoying a snack in the sun. On the return, you’ll have magnificent views of the Wedge and Mt Kidd. You may have the added bonus of seeing a variety of animal tracks along this very secluded trail.

Wedge Connector

The Wedge Connector is perfect for a raw beginner because there is very little elevation change, although you have a few small inclines to make it interesting. It’s wide enough to be safe, and right now the snow is at its finest. 

Today, the parking lot hadn’t been completely plowed, and there was only room for five vehicles, but under normal circumstances, I’ve never seen this parking lot busy. You can probably be assured of a place to park in this, the year of ski mania.

View of Mt Kidd from the Wedge Connector

Starting at Wedge Pond, officially the trail is called the Bill Milne trail for the first 400 metres but the entire 2.6K one-way is more commonly referred to as the Wedge. 

The mountain which gave the trail its name

At 400 metres, the Bill Milne trail makes a sharp left turn and continues north. Straight ahead for the next 2.2K is the Wedge Connector. 

When I arrived at the junction, who should I see coming the other way but Tracksetter Alex himself.  He had packed the entire Bill Milne and Wedge trails twice, a third pass with grooming, and now the final tracksetting pass. 

The little bridge at the end of the trail over Evan-Thomas creek is gone. The Evan-Thomas trail has not been groomed yet. 

This trail is also dog-friendly, so you can bring along your faithful companion on-leash.

Just a reminder, if you’re a new skier, check the Resources tab on the main menu for a lot of helpful information. 

Don’t forget your Kananaskis parking pass. 

Black ice on the highway between the casino and Morley. Five cars in the ditch. Poor visibility in blowing snow. 

If you live in downtown Calgary, there is now a 1K cross-country track in East Village


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  1. We skied Wedge Connector today, my son and I. It is his … second time on Xcountry skis, and this trail was perfect. Loved to get into the mtns and have an accessible trail to ski.

  2. I think this post was totally directed at me, new to skiing and have been reading so many old posts and gathering as much info as I can hold. Loved the waxing post by the new mom, I’ve slowly purchased my equipment and everything involved to wax my own. I’ve looked at many other sites but absolutely nothing comes close to this site so special thanks to Bob and everyone involved here. Thanks, happy holidays, and happy skiing to all.

    • Marc, I took a beginner skier to Wedge last winter for his first ever ski. He liked it so much, he went back 9 times! He’s now venturing out onto more challenging trails. We had great ski conditions last winter and I hope the same holds true this year.

  3. Oh! Forgot to ask – is it possible to ski the loop? We have enjoyed skiing Evan-Thomas – Wedge Connector – Bill Milne loop in the past, relying on some bridges along the way.

    • Diana, the loop is not an option right now unless you want to break trail in 40 cm of snow on Evan-Thomas. You might need a good workout after Christmas?

  4. Are you saying that the new bridge over Evan Thomas is gone already?? That is rather disappointing, if so.

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