Wednesday morning update

Strathmore golf course. Photo by John Bargman

Strathmore golf course

Snowy owls. Photos by John Bargman

John and Wendy submitted reports from Strathmore yesterday.

John Bargman submitted this report…

“Skied Strathmore Golf course today. Good to very good track setting all around the course.

There is an honour system at a cost of $5. Not many people there and fun to ski the prairies rather than the mountains.

We combined our ski with a drive around the backroads near Strathmore and located three Snowy Owls. A great days outing.”

Wendy and her dog Indy sent this report…

Wendy and Indy at Strathmore golf course

“We skied a loop at the Strathmore Golf Course this morning. It was -15 when we started, but bright and sunny so it felt warmer. The tracks  are well used and wobbly in areas, with a few bare spots.

The big draw for us is that its dog friendly so it’s a pawsitively perfect place to start our young pup. We were on waxless, light touring skis with metal edges, all the better for control when attached by a waist belt  to an 10 month old Aussie.

Don’t forget your 5.00 fee if you head out that way, there’s a box on a pole close to the club house to make your payment.”

Confederation golf course

“The Yellow, Purple and Green Loops were all groomed and trackset Tuesday night. Conditions are excellent!”

Trails in Proximity to Calgary

Ulrike mentioned on her trip report the trails at Lake Louise were surprisingly quiet. I was also surprised at how few were at Boulton Creek(south PLPP). It seems everyone was waiting for Ribbon Creek and West Bragg Creek to get snow and groomed trails, then descend en masse to those places. 

Now, there’s even more reason to go to West Bragg. Telephone Loop was trackset yesterday. As well, earlier today there was tracksetting on Elbow North, Iron Springs, and Crystal Line East. 


Volunteer chocolates. Photo by Shulamit.

Shulamit was at Pocaterra Hut yesterday…

“In the morning, I was on parking patrol at the Pocaterra parking lot.  This being my first time, I didn’t know what to expect because I wasn’t sure how people were responding to the new fees.  I was bowled over by the support and positivity, and in particular the lovely folks that gifted the volunteers with chocolates.  I’ve already thanked them in my trip report, but here is a photo of the package.  These people really made my day!”

Beginner Skiers

I was happy to receive this comment from Sarah in regards to my posting Wedge Connector – a great beginner’s trail.

“We skied Wedge Connector today, my son and I. It is his … second time on Xcountry skis, and this trail was perfect. Loved to get into the mtns and have an accessible trail to ski.”

The trail conditions are perfect right now for new skiers.



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  1. Can everyone please write a letter to Jason Nixon to ask that ALL of the stalls in the outhouses are opened at the parking lots in Kananaskis??? I realize they think they are saving money by only having 25% of them open (I think they are using covid as an excuse…people can wear masks inside and there is enough airflow). This is so ridiculous it’s beyond belief.
    Standing in a line of 15 people at Wedge Pond today…crazy!

    • On the plus side…a big shout out to the groomers and Bob for recommending Wedge Connector…was out with some younger skiers today and the conditions were fantastic. Made me forget about the outhouse lineup for a while 🙂

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