Weekend outlook

Great Divide at Lake Louise. Photo by Chuck

Update Sat Dec 19: PLPP tracksetting last night included Elk Pass, Blueberry Hill, Hydroline and Patterson. “During Friday night’s grooming, only a few light flurries fell, but a lot of snow was being blown around by some very strong and gusty winds.  Expect numerous needles, tree bombs, and other tree debris on the trails, particularly at higher elevations, as well drifting, and filled in tracks in some places (especially Hydroline).”

Bow Valley Road Conditions reported at 7 a.m.  “Highway 1 Canmore to Lake Louise partially snow covered and windy.”

Fri Dec 18: Expect lots of fresh snow on the Lake Louise trails tomorrow, and lesser amounts in Kananaskis. 

A significant amount of snow is predicted for Monday throughout the entire SkierBob domain with lower elevations such as West Bragg Creek and Kananaskis Village getting enough to allow grooming.

The view at the end of the Lake trail in Lake Louise. Photo by Chuck.

Chris and Karl are the most recent skiers to do Redearth Creek. It sounds like the first kilometre is a bit sketchy but hopefully we’ll see tracksetting on this trail soon. 

The following trails in Lake Louise were trackset today: Lake Louise shoreline; Great Divide; Upper & Lower Tramline; Lower Telemark. Chuck has provided an informative trip report for the Upper trails at Lake Louise with many great photos. 

The Parks Canada trail report mentions the Moraine Lake Road parking lot closure ends today. Let’s see if it really is open tomorrow. 

Pocaterra warming hut is CLOSED due to current gathering restrictions.

You are requested to purchase a Kananaskis parking pass when skiing in PLPP and Mt Shark. It is also requested on the Kananaskis Village and Ribbon Creek trails when grooming is underway. 

Castle Lookout to Baker Creek was trackset today according to Tanya.  This trail had an unskiable gap in the middle a few days ago near Protection Mountain campground so you couldn’t ski right through. The best part of the trail starts at Castle Lookout and goes about 5K, so you could do a 10K round trip and enjoy the most scenic part. 

What’s trackset and suitable for beginner skiers…

  • At Canmore Nordic Centre, 3K of the Banff trail is trackset and in excellent condition. 
  • Watridge Lake Road at Mt Shark to the 4K point. Don’t go down the steep hill. 
  • Great Divide, Lake trail, and Bow River Loop at Lake Louise. 
  • Wheeler, Lodgepole and Spruce Road in PLPP but they are groomed only,  not trackset. 

Congratulations to the Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association on the acquisition of their Snow Rabbit. I’ve included it in the photos below, as well as some of the other snowcats which prowl on our trails. 

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