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Ribbon Creek. Photo by Alf Skrastins

If you’re looking for first-hand accounts of conditions from skiers who were on the trails today, check the Trip Reports. 

Spray River West. Photo by Chuck

If you want to see the latest tracksetting, scroll down to Boxing Day update. 

We might have some new tracksetting overnight, too. 

So far today, we have reports on the following trails/areas:

Spray River Loop

Sandy McNabb

Healy Creek/Brewster Creek

Ribbon Creek/Kananaskis Village

Peter Lougheed Provincial Park

West Bragg Creek(4)

Cascade Valley(2)


Spray River Loop in Banff

Chuck encountered 5 cm of fresh snow on the Spray River Loop today. As you can see in the photos, the tracks have been well skied-in.

Spray River Loop connector

Spray River Loop is around 13K and consists of Spray River West and Spray River East. The east leg of the loop is the multi-use trail but the tracks didn’t look abused in Chuck’s photos. 

You can start the Spray River Loop from the Bow Falls parking lot or from the Spray River West trailhead. 

I created a map a while back that shows how to cross over from one side to the other in order to get back to your vehicle. The Connector  is usually not groomed but it should have good snow coverage. It gets packed down by snowshoers and hikers. 

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  1. Regarding the east west Spray connector: it should be noted there is a second access to this from Spray East. This junction is maybe a km SE of the access marked on the above map. It descends steeply from SRE (too steep for fragile skis and my risk tolerance) and meets the same bridge.

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