A beautiful day in Kananaskis

Wedge Connector

(I’ve posted the tracksetting updates at the end of this post)

The Wedge Connector, Evan-Thomas, and Bill Milne were all in excellent condition today. The snow stayed cold and should still be in good shape for tomorrow. 

Helping Tennessee wax her skis

Going downhill on Evan-Thomas I experienced fast tracks but not icy, and I didn’t see any debris. When I chatted with Karen later in the day, she said she had good grip when going in the uphill direction, using blue wax. 

The air temperature at Wedge Pond at 12 noon was -2°C and the snow was -5. I used VR45(-2/-8) and it worked perfectly. 

Bill Milne trail

I encountered Tennessee and her dad Nathan on Wedge and could see that the young lady was struggling with no grip. They let me wax her skis and she then had excellent grip and a smile on her face. 

I spent a good portion of the day talking with other skiers, it was that kind of day. Beautiful weather, lovely trail conditions, friendly people and stunning scenery. 

Evan-Thomas: clean, cold and fast.

A reminder, there’s lots of room to park at Kovach pond and the golf course if you’re skiing the Bill Milne trail. 

Do you have your Kananaskis parking pass? I have mine, but I forgot to put it on my dash. 

I see the Lake Louise to Banff Loppet is almost sold out. This weekend should see a lot of skiers on the course.  The time to beat in the 72K solo is Erik Carleton’s 4:45:56.

Karen is on the Bill Milne trail on the east side of the highway(the hilly section).

New tracksetting

Update Jan 30: PLPP tracksetting overnight includes…

  • Pocaterra from hut to Packers
  • Come-Along
  • Rolly Road
  • Lynx
  • Pocaterra training grid

Castle Junction to Castle Lookout was trackset today. “New snow and warmer temps made for great tracksetting!”

Friday is usually the day when Castle Lookout to Baker Creek is also trackset. 

Cascade Valley was trackset today.

Spray River West: It doesn’t indicate it on the Parks Canada trail report, but Corianne reported new tracksetting on SRW. 

Lake Louise: Pipestone trails, Townsite, Upper & Lower Tramline, Moraine Lake Rd. 


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  1. What a beautiful day! Thanks for helping us with waxing Tennessee’s skis 🙂 As beginners we are really loving the sport, the warm community, and this site. Thanks for all you do, Bob.

  2. Skied Ribbon Creek 10:30-12:30. Still good track-set with some fresh snow lightly falling as I started & bit heavier towards the end. It must be wet snow as I really had to scrape off snow packed on bottom of boots when I finished. I skied Kovach-Aspen-Kovach-Terrace.

    Took a break at the picnic table Kovach/Aspen & had to scrape snow build up off my waxless skis, otherwise it was fine.

    Please buy a pass to support tracksetting so it’s continued next year!

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