Emerald Lake and Yoho

Emerald Lake Alluvial Fan

Tally-Ho and Kicking Horse were trackset on Jan 5. The Alluvial Fan was trackset a few days ago, and as you can see in the photo above, has lots of new snow. 

If you enjoy skiing at Emerald Lake, consider buying a membership in the Kicking Horse Ski club to support the grooming. 

The Emerald Connector is a rough trail which requires a lot of snow and preparation as you can read in the update from the KHSC. I’ve added some file photos to go along with the story.

Emerald Connector

The following was written by Kathy and Rob Taerum…

“Happy New Year to all of you.  The snow is wonderful, but the temperature was a little mild today turning the fluffy snow into heavy stuff.

Emerald Connector

Last weekend Dec 26–we snowshoed the Emerald Connector, from the Em. Lk.parking lot to the bench and bridge over the Emerald River (where the large culvert goes under the road.)  That northmost section of the Connector is in good shape, divots and bridge approaches are filled with snow.  That portion is ready for track setting (one tree down near the parking lot).

Emerald Connector

Last Sunday, we also packed the snow, south of the Emerald River crossing, as far as the 5K mark.  We didn’t however fill divots with snow.

On Jan. 1 we snowshoed the Connector from the other end (from the junction of the Re-Connector on the Tally Ho) and continued until we met up with the tracks from last Sunday, about 5K from Emerald Lake.
Today we covered most of the same stretch as yesterday (within a few hundred metres south of the signed avalanche slope), stopping to shovel snow to level out the divots along the way.  

Emerald Connector

Note: There are several trees down on the Re-connector.  A superhero with a chainsaw would be appreciated.

If conditions are good for snowshoeing, we’d like to finish trimming the section of trail from the Emerald River bridge and bench to the 5K mark. This would complete the entire connector/re-connector.

Emerald Connector

If the temperature is too warm, we will instead put on our skis and try out the portion of the Connector from Em. Lk. parking lot to the bench.

Thanks again for lending us the equipment to snowshoe the trails.

Today Jan. 3–Rob and I parked at the Natural Bridge and we snowshoed one last time from the beginning of the Re-Connector to the bench on the north side of the Emerald River bridge.  We set up the bench and enjoyed a snack there.  Then we walked back, filling in the obvious divots on the way.
Rob estimates that there are 6 fallen trees requiring a chainsaw to clear the trail.  Other than the downed trees, the entire Re-Connector/Connector should be in good shape and safe for the snowmobile to negotiate.”

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