Grooming/Tracksetting update

Thursday Jan 7, 2021:

West Bragg Creek

“East Crystal and Sundog acquired a deep renovation and new track setting this morning. Classic and skate skiing on the core trails should be decent for the next couple of days. Outer lying trails have drifting, debris, and natural hazards and remain marginal in condition. Caution is advised.
Boomer Groomer”

Peter Lougheed Provincial Park

Tracksetting yesterday/last night included…

  • Elk Pass
  • Blueberry Hill
  • Patterson
  • Hydroline
  • Moraine
  • Fox Creek
  • Boulton Creek

Remarks from the trail report: “Light flurries fell on the park on Wednesday night, with less than 1 cm accumulation for the night.  The snow stopped falling during the night’s grooming, the sky became mainly clear, and the temperature dropped fairly quickly, just getting in to the negative double digits in the early hours of Thursday morning.  Day time temperatures have been hovering around 0 degrees for the past few days, with below freezing temperatures at night, use caution as trails may become icy and snow bombs are likely very dense. Over the weekend, approximately 15-20 cm of snow (up to 25 cm at higher elevations) fell in the park, along with another 10 cm that fell on Tuesday morning.”

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