Healy and Brewster Creek

Healy and Brewster Creek. Photo by Chuck

Jan 4, 2021: Thanks to Chuck for the report and photos. At some point this winter, I expect the Sundance Lodge people will start grooming the Brewster Creek trail. It’s 11.3K from the Healy Creek trailhead to Sundance Lodge. The first 2.6K on Brewster Creek has a net elevation gain of 170 metres. 

Healy Creek. Photo by Chuck

Chuck carried on beyond Sundance Lodge as you can see in his photos

Chuck wisely didn’t take the shortcut, up or down!

Brewster Creek. Photo by Chuck

Healy Creek has been trackset and goes 5.3K one-way to the Sundance Canyon road. The Sundance Canyon trail, which starts at the Cave and Basin, is not being maintained this winter due to forest thinning and log hauling. 

Healy Creek and Brewster Creek  are dog-friendly. 

Recent tracksetting

The Bill Milne trail and Wedge Connector are in the process of being groomed as I write this at  7 pm. Also for the first time this winter, the Evan-Thomas fire road is being groomed. A hiker is probably heading out there right now. 🙂

Goat Creek, Spray River East and West were trackset today. 

From the sound of MaSid’s report, where he skied on fresh corduroy at the start of Elk Pass, it looks like grooming is occurring tonight in the south end of Peter Lougheed Provincial Park. 

Most of the trails in Lake Louise have been trackset since the recent snow including Upper & Lower Tramline; Lower Telemark; Townsite; Bow River Loop; Campground Loop; Moraine Lake Rd; Great Divide; Lake Louise shoreline; Pipestone; Hector; Drummond; Merlin.

I finally tracked down this interview which Ken Hewitt did with the CBC Eyeopener on Dec 29 regarding Kananaskis parking passes. Pay to ski


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  1. January 4th – Excellent conditions today on the Pipestone Loop in Lake Louise. Soft snow and smooth gliding in the tracks. Great day!

  2. And Fairview track set Saturday morning.

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