Mike enjoyed his day in PLPP

Pocaterra. File photo

“Two groups of Ramblers found their way onto the Pocaterra ski trail at PLPP. I had several misgivings about this trip, all which proved to be unfounded. The temps were supposed to be frigid. Non-sense! We started at -9 and ended the day at -3c, with no wind. The skies were supposed to be mostly cloudy – BULL – blue bird skies all day long. I feared that the trail would be still very icy, and full of pine needles and debris – WRONG AGAIN ! – exquisitely groomed, zero ice, snowy tracks which provided a great kick, even uphill, and the downhill segments were raked, providing beautiful snowplowing conditions. A few places had imbedded needles, but totally not a factor. Nothing but smiling faces encountered all day long.

On behalf of the Sheep River Ramblers I want to thank the grooming crew for the exquisitely well groomed trails we skied today.  I don’t know what kind of magic you people perform – but you should have seen the smiles on all the skiers I encountered today.  Your work does as much to combat the Covid curse as anything else on the market today !  Totally worth the $50 paid for grooming the trails. Thanks again!” -Mike Rossier

Hay Meadow on Jan 24. Photo by Alf Skrastins

Thank you to everyone who submitted a trip report today. We’ve received good information from all across the domain. 

This comment from yesterday should reassure all the contributors that your reports are very valuable:

Bill Milne trail on Jan 24. Photo by Steve Riggs

“We have only just been following your updates this season…. well done Bob, to you and all your contributors. Your updates and trip reports have helped us select our day trips since late November. Thank you.” – B&L

There is a small amount of snow(2-3 cm) in the forecast for midweek. It’s not much but even a small top-up would help. 

The Corona Challenge

I was looking at the results from the first two days of the Lake Louise to Banff Loppet. Congratulations to Alexis for completing the 72K as a solo skier. She remarked, Beautiful day but I am still in the process of unfreezing. My water bottles can finally open!” Her time was 6:45:00.  

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