“It was just about perfect”

Pocaterra, near the Lynx junction

There was no fighting for parking spots today. As Chip said, “hardly anyone on the trails, no wind, blue sky….It was just about perfect!” This ski trip took me back to when days were much simpler(last year!).

Upper Pocaterra

I only encountered eight other skiers on the trails in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, and four of them were sitting in the sun having lunch.

It was -13°C and blustery when I left Calgary this morning, but that turned into sunny skies and -7 when I parked at Boulton Creek where there were only a dozen vehicles in the parking lot. 

Whiskey Jack

I didn’t see a soul on Whiskey Jack which was in excellent condition. The only significant debris was under one tree where a squirrel had his lunch. The steep hill looked to be in edgeable condition. 

The downhill on Pocaterra was about as good as it gets. 6K of pedal to the metal. The Lynx junction was a lovely spot for folks to stop for a snack in the sun. 

The final 4K of Pocaterra to the hut was in excellent shape as well. I had never noticed before, but you can see Sparrow’s Egg Lake from the last picnic table(first one if you start at the hut). I’ve added a photo in the gallery. 

There’s no significant snow in the forecast. If we’re lucky, a cm or two might show up mid-week. 

My photo gallery app is on the blink tonight, so this one will have to do for now. 

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