Kananaskis parking passes

Kim and Don ready for the deluge of vehicles at Ribbon Creek. Photo by Jason Villeneuve

As we enjoy the fantastic snow conditions and grooming in Kananaskis, let’s acknowledge the volunteer effort that contributed to making it happen. 

That includes all the work that went into Nordiq Alberta’s proposal to the government, the subsequent organizing and collecting of fees, and all the volunteers who stepped forward to help at the parking lots. The whole operation has been virtually flawless.

Jason Villeneuve, one of today’s volunteers at Ribbon Creek, submitted this report:

“We counted a little over 240 cars at Ribbon today. Many not counted as lot was full. Lot was full by about 11. Parking was bananas. 

If you want to do a late ski, spots start to open up past 2pm. Leaves you lots of time for a nice ski.

Would say it was 4:1 multi user vs XC. Most XC had a pass or knew of program.

Lots of happy people and furry friends out enjoying a beautiful day in the mountains.”

Do you have your Kananaskis parking pass?

The below comment was recently submitted in regards to Kananaskis grooming…

“Yipee yahoo for everyone who got the parking program going, and for the groomers that are making these trails fantastic! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your efforts and initiative – I would not have known where to start.” -Penelope Longworth

While we’re on the subject of Kananaskis, Shulamit took the below photo yesterday…

View from the Kanananskis Fire Lookout. Photo by Shulamit.

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  1. I would like to thank you so very very much the groomers and the volunteers. Could enjoy Pocaterra and Ribbon with tones of joy. THANK YOU

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