Post-storm grooming updates

Jan. 14, 2021

Core trails have been groomed at WBC

West Bragg Creek

Loggers at WBC

1-3 cm of snow fell yesterday after pouring rain early in the a.m. This evening we were able to renovate all of the skate lanes and there is new track setting on West Crystal, Loggers and Hostel Meadow (not Loop). Conditions on these trails are actually quite good. Elsewhere, it will be a mixed bag with conditions ranging from good to poor depending on each trail’s exposure to the elements. Caution is advised on any trails not recently groomed. –Boomer Groomer

Skogan Pass

All Skogan area trails groomed and trackset this evening and everything above the old Marmot Junction is in excellent condition. New snow depth quickly starts to build up at this point with upwards of 15cm new snow at higher elevations. Below this point ( Skogan Screamer, Lower Skogan ) expect to find the conditions very firm and slightly rough due to last nights rain at low elevations. Ski with care.

If you begin skiing at Ribbon Creek or Hay Meadow, it would require about 3K of skiing on firm, slightly rough conditions to reach the Marmot junction. 

Peter Lougheed Provincial Park

On Wednesday, with temperatures hovering around the freezing mark for most of the day, approximately 10-15 cm’s of snow fell in the Park (with more at higher elevations).  With the exception of the trails groomed on Wednesday night, expect all trails to be covered with this new snow. Along with the snow came strong winds, so expect snow bombs and other tree debris on the trails, and heavy drifting in open areas.

Last night’s tracksetting included…

  • Pocaterra from  the hut to Packers junction
  • Lynx
  • Come-Along

Yesterday, the single-track trails of Fox Creek, Boulton Creek and Moraine were trackset. 


  • Tunnel Mountain trails were trackset.

Lake Louise

  • Pipestone
  • Moraine Lake road
  • Great Divide
  • Tramline


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