Saturday morning update

Redearth Creek near Shadow Lake. Photo by Normand

Thanks to Normand for the report and photos from Redearth Creek, where he had some of the best conditions and tracksetting that he’s seen in recent years…

Redearth Creek. Photo by Normand

“Overall, one of the absolute best skiing I had to the lodge from TCH1 in over 30 years. Get there, to see majestic Mount Ball dominating the skyline.”

The tracksetting which was completed on January 7 looks excellent and Normand mentioned that it’s single trackset. This leaves a lane for snowplowing on those steep hills. It’s 10.5K to the turn-off to Shadow Lake. The warden’s cabin is about 250 metres beyond this point. The narrow trail to Shadow Lake is  2.8K and as you can see in the photo, has been trackset. If you get there on a clear day, the scenery is spectacular. 

West Bragg Creek from Boomer Groomer

“Loggers is now re track set completing the facelift of the south core trails, since the wind storm of last weekend. Classic and skate skiing should be excellent on the following trails: East/West Crystal, Sundog, Moose Loop, Loggers and Mountain Rd to the 1st cattle guard. Other trails in the system are not recommended as they will have debris, drifting and natural hazards. Looks like a bluebird weekend, enjoy!”

Peter Lougheed Provincial Park 

Tracksetting last night includes

  • Whiskey Jack
  • Packers
  • Upper Pocaterra
  • Lower Lake

The temperature this morning at 8 a.m. at the PLPP maintenance compound is -23°C.

The temperature at Hay Meadow at 8 a.m. is -18. 

West Bragg Creek is -17. 

Ruts from a 4×4 on the access to Skogan Pass on Hidden trail. Photo by Rory

If you are planning to access Skogan Pass from Nakiska, you’ll have to deal with the tracks of a miscreant who drove his 4×4 on the trail. Thanks to Rory for the report and photo. Rory remarked, “Someone had driven a 4×4 for about 700m along the Skogan Pass trail just as it heads North from Mount Allen Drive (Nakiska Road). Now if that doesn’t mess up a trail. My wife fell on part of the ruts left behind.”

Update: These ruts should be repaired with tonight’s grooming. 

Confederation golf course: Skate lanes were groomed last night. 

Sandy McNabb: Lots of tracksetting has occurred over the past two days. Check the Sandy McNabb trail report for details. 

Castle Junction to Castle Lookout was trackset yesterday. No word on Castle Lookout to Baker Creek. 

Tunnel Mountain trails were trackset yesterday. 

There’s a bit of snow in the forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday. 

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  1. Thank you for the positive comments on the Redearth trail. It’s really nice to see people out enjoying the park and this trail in particular. I am currently responsible for the grooming which has been done up to this point, and am pleased to see that people are enjoying the most recent work done on the trail. Let’s hope the snow continues so we may keep the trail in good shape for all users. Thank you to anyone who has provided feedback, both good and bad, please continue to offer your comments, but try not to be too harsh 😉

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