Strathmore golf course

Strathmore golf course. Photo by Ed Meyer

Thanks to tracksetter Ed Meyer for this Strathmore report and photo…

“Cleaned things up on the golf course today. Added some single track to the lake which is running fast and smooth.”

Bill  Milne, Wedge(and possibly more) are being trackset tonight. As you may have read in the trip reports, there’s room at the golf course for about 25 cars to park adjacent to the Bill Milne ski trail. 

Tracksetting today at Lake Louise: Lower Telemark, Bow River Loop, and  Campground Loop.


Mt Ball. Jan 9, 2021. Photo by Chuck

Ball and Copper

One of the most spectacular sights in the empire is Mt Ball at the end of the Redearth Creek trail near Shadow Lake. We’ve had blue-sky photos from Chuck(today) and Normand(yesterday) which captured all the magnificence of this majestic mountain in Banff National Park.

Copper Mountain. 2013

I went back in time and collected all the photos which have been posted over the years, that I could find,  including one of Copper mountain which I stumbled across. You wouldn’t have to ski as far to see Copper mountain(7.3K), but you’d have to be there at exactly the right time to see the amazing sight that I saw in 2013.

The Redearth Creek trail to Shadow Lake Lodge is 13.1K and looks to be in great shape. It’s about another kilometre on an ungroomed trail to get to the lake. 

Except for the clouds in Chuck’s photo from today, it looks identical to the photo I took in 2013(first photo below). 

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