Sunday morning news

Skogan Pass. Photo by Alf Skrastins

Thanks to Alf Skrastins for the Skogan Pass photos. The trail looks to be in great shape. The 4×4 ruts on lower Skogan were patched up and re-groomed last night. 

Skogan Loop. Photo by Alf Skrastins

Bill  Milne, Wedge Connector, and Evan-Thomas were trackset last night. If skiing Bill Milne, there’s parking available at the golf course for about 25 vehicles. 

PLPP overnight tracksetting 

  • Lower Pocaterra
  • Lynx
  • Rolly Road
  • Come-Along
  • Pocaterra grid

SA reports that its -13°C at the PLPP Discovery Centre this morning. 

West  Bragg Creek

“More trails are in play this morning with two shifts in the Rabbit overnight and this morning. Trails groomed and track set in the last 10 hrs include: Mountain Rd W., Mountain View West, Iron Springs N., Elbow N., Iron Creek and Hostel Loop. Please note that neither Mountain View or Telephone have been groomed since the storm and are not recommended. Watch for thin spots and natural hazards especially on hill tops. Happy trails.” -Boomer Groomer

At Strathmore golf course, a trackset trail has been created on the lake. 

Shaganappi golf course: Last night, the beginner area was groomed and trackset, and more teaching grids were created. 

West Confederation Park/Canmore Park “groomed and trackset last night. Had issues with one trackpan so single track around the outside of the park. A skate lane and 4 track practice grid was set along 19th street. Parking is available by the Tennis course/spray park along 19th street.”

The Banff trail report still shows it as “Fresh Snow,” but the manager of Baker Creek Resort said they got their new snowmobile on Friday and proceeded to trackset Baker Creek to Castle Lookout that day. 

Trip Reports

Lynx on Redearth Creek in 2017. Photo by Chuck.

Carole and Jamie were lucky enough to see a Lynx as they were descending Coal Mine yesterday “When I came around the corner near the old cabin, a big lynx ran across my path. I stopped. It stopped and looked at me.” 

If you’re looking for first-hand accounts of trail conditions and wildlife sightings, check the Trip Reports. There’s a tab on the main menu. Yesterday we received reports from the following locations:

  • Yoho: Emerald Lake, Emerald Connector, Kicking Horse
  • Mt Shark
  • PLPP(5)
  • Goat Creek
  • Skogan Pass
  • Baker Creek to Castle Junction
  • Healy and Brewster Creeks
  • Sandy McNabb(2)
  • Cascade Valley
  • Pipestone
  • Confederation golf course
  • Redearth Creek to Shadow Lake
  • Ribbon Creek
  • Coal Mine(they even saw a Lynx!)
  • Tunnel Mountain

Thanks to everyone who submitted a trip report. It’s very helpful when deciding where to ski. I definitely wouldn’t go to Sandy McNabb today. 


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  1. Hi Bob,
    Question: Can one easily do Skogan Pass on regular XC skis without metal edges?
    Thanks for your reply!
    Happy New Year!

    • Helen, there’s a lot of fast downhill where you need to stay in control, but if you are a seasoned intermediate skier, and have good conditions, yes. As you’re climbing, you can see what you’ll be facing on the descent and you can judge for yourself before you get in too deep.

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