The other Baker Creek

Baker Creek scout cabin. Photo by Chuck

Don’t get this confused with the trackset trail which runs from Baker Creek to Protection Mountain campground along the Bow Valley Parkway. Chuck says this backcountry trail, which actually parallels Baker creek, is a secret and skied only by locals, so after reading this, forget that you ever saw it here. Be sure to look at Chuck’s photos.

The meadows. Photo by Chuck

I dug up my book by Chic Scott “Ski Trails in the Canadian Rockies” to read the description of the trail. 

“A popular trail with pleasant views of Protection and Lipalian Mountains. The meadows make a superb place to sit in the sun and have lunch. 

Distance: 12 K to the meadows return

Allison, Maureen, Sarah, and Evelyn.  Photo by Chuck

Elevation gain: 210 metres

Options: You can continue skiing farther up this valley. The trail crosses the meadow, gradually climbing and staying above the creek, then contnues another 5K to a campground. Really keen skiers can carry on for another 12K to Baker Lake then descend via Boulder Pass to Lake Louise.”

That extended version sounds like a trip for MAAD or Normand. 

Wouldn’t you know it, the day I look at Chic Scott’s book, there is a photo of him skiing at Emerald Lake. It’s posted on the Kicking Horse Ski Club’s website along with fresh wolf tracks. 

My book is an older edition, but the fifth and latest edition is available at Rocky Mountain Books. 


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  1. Speaking of Emerald Lake, every year them I ask about the Woodies, every year I hear crickets

  2. This coverage reminds me of a quote I heard recently upon meeting Kevin & Leslie on the Goat Creek trail. Leslie said “When I retire, I want to become a SkierBob reporter”.
    Well, I don’t know if I should pass on this photographing secret just yet, but I just say “Wanna SMILE for Skier Bob!”. It works, at least until they realize that I am not Skier Bob!

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