West Bragg Creek: marginal


West Bragg Creek

Thanks to Groomer Jeremy for the photos and this update…

West Bragg Creek

“The skiers’ dreaded ‘snow eater’ took it’s toll on the well loved trails today. Warm temperatures and this afternoon’s fierce winds have drastically transformed snow surface and deteriorated skier conditions —in and out of the tracks.

West Bragg Creek

Extreme scouring and drifting in open areas and several downed trees —some around blind corners, with abundant littering of needle/branch debris is widespread.

The glistening ‘Holiday’ snow is gone at WBC and conditions are now marginal so adjust your expectations until more snow and the grooming team is able to repair some of the damage.”

Did you read Pete’s report yesterday about people and kids recreating on the avalanche slopes at Lake Louise? On today’s update from the Chateau grooming team, this comment was attached(it’s worth reading to the end):

“We are seeing a very uncomfortable amount of people walking directly under and tobogganing on the west slope of Mt. Fairview that funnels onto Lake Louise (not to mention the masses walking towards the Plain of 6 Glaciers Tea House). Although the people reading this are most likely aware of the avalanche slope, we are hoping that maybe you can help spread the word (socially distanced of course) to your friends, family and fellow recreationists. There are signs everywhere, but as we know with the signs asking people not to walk on the ski tracks, no one reads signs!”

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