Where’s the clean snow?

Braille in PLPP. File photo

Chuckley described it best in his trip report:

“Pleasantly surprised to find few needles on freshly groomed trackset of all trails on the west side including Sinclair, Braille, Lodgepole. Crossing the road at Elkwood Parking we entered into a different world with some needles -but passable.”

It’s more important than ever to find any trail that’s skiable, so thanks for all the trip reports.

Look for the new grooming/tracksetting. Trails which are not in trees will also be a good bet to be clean. 

The Kananaskis Village trails are in the process of being trackset this evening. 

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Goat Creek and Spray River West were trackset today. The Parks Canada trail report only rates it as fair, so it will be enlightening to get a trip report tomorrow. 

Fairview at Lake Louise was trackset today. 

Weather forecasts are not predicting any significant snow in the near future. 


I received a response from Alberta Parks regarding the issue of showing a skate-skier on the “new” brochure. While the issue of the skate-skier wasn’t addressed, it’s not a recent map. It’s been in circulation for over two years. I posted about this on Monday Update.

“The “new PLPP map,” was actually produced and began distribution in 2018. The map portion was available to visitors on the PLPP Trail Report page as per the screenshot below. The red circled link leads to https://albertaparks.ca/media/3786979/2018_plpp_winter_trails_web.pdf. ”

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  1. It’s good to see a map that has both ski trails and other trails (snowshoe/fat bike). Presumably one day they would replace the map signs at all the trail intersections with the updated version to assist none-skiers to find their way. What the new map doesn’t do well is clearly show parking with standard map parking symbols (using a picnic table day use symbol instead) or the name of the parking lot as seen on the road signs for people who haven’t been there before.

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