Bill Milne ice flow update

Image from 2019.

Last night, the Riibbon Creek tracksetting crew groomed a reroute around the monstrous ice flow on the Bill Milne trail in Kananaskis…

“A detour around the ice flow on Bill Milne, which grew much larger in the last day, was groomed. Please use this detour as the ice and water is shifting in the meadow and may be impassable and dangerous.”

2019: Peter is standing on the bypass trail. The regular Bill Milne trail is on the left.

Back in 2019, a similar ice flow resulted in a 900-metre bypass trail. If it is exactly the same route, it involves skiing for about 300 metres in the ditch along Hwy 40. This section may have some debris from the snowplows.

I’m not sure if the signage is in place, but the photo from 2019 shows Peter, while sking north on Bill Milne,  at the spot where the trail diverts to the bypass. Not sure if they were able to trackset it this time, but at least it will be groomed. 

Hay Meadows, Ruthies, Lower Skogan, Coal Mine, Ribbon, Link, and Terrace were also groomed last night. 

The Weather Network is predicting a high of -11 at Kananaskis Village today. 

Peter Lougheed Provincial Park

Tracksetting last night included Pocaterra, Whiskey Jack, Packers and Lower Lake. Saturday night’s grooming was done under a clear sky with no snow falling during the grooming shift. The Nordic Pulse map shows which trails were trackset but the list is inaccurate. 

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  1. Thanks so much to the Ribbon Creek groomers for grooming a detour around the ice floe so quickly! We didn’t ski it today but saw it as we drove past and several folks were out on it. BTW the temp. at Evan Thomas/Wedge Connector/Bill Milne was around -10C early afternoon and more people out than yesterday.

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