Brewster Creek

Brewster Creek has been trackset. Photo by Chuck.

Before we go any further, let’s keep an eye out for Patrick’s cell phone(posted on Lost and Found)…

“Skied Castle Mtn to Baker today, and lost my cell phone. Possibly close to where you cross the road on the way to Baker (near Baker).”

Healy Creek. Photo by Chuck

I’m enjoying today’s trip reports, thanks for sending them. I still cringe, however, when anyone talks about the Skogan Loop, remembering a time when I descended on poor conditions. 

Thanks to Chuck for the Healy and Brewster Creek report and photos. With the opening of Sundance Lodge on the past weekend, we now have tracksetting for most of the Brewster Creek trail.

From the bridges, the trail is not trackset, but is snowmobile packed.

It’s getting late in the season to have trackset trails available for the first time this winter. The conditions look pretty good based on Chuck’s reconnaissance. 

After skiing 2.6K on Healy Creek, you come to the Brewster Creek junction. From there its 8.7K to the end of the trail at Sundance Lodge. The tracksetting ends at the “flood zone” bridges. From there to the lodge it would be about 2K on a snowmobile packed trail with skier-set tracks. 

Barb Clemes on the Emerald Connector in the Yoho Nordic Challenge. Photo by Caroline Marion.

If you want more details about this trail or any others, on the sidebar there is a heading entitled “Places to Ski.” If you click on Brewster Creek, you’ll see 18 blog posts where I’ve written about it. 

The Virtual Yoho Nordic Challenge is on until Feb 24. We’ve had reports from two skiers who have completed different distances. Congratulations to Caroline Marion for doing the 22K today. A special congratulations to Jeff P for doing the 45K on Saturday. 

More snow. I’ve received 4 cm of powder snow to 9 pm this evening in Calgary. 

Caroline Marion’s reward for doing 22K


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  1. Looks like a nice treat for a happy hungry skier. (-:

  2. Sundance Lodge is in Banff National Park, about 10 km up Brewster Creek.
    Trailhead is at the base of the Sunshine Ski Resort access road off Highway #1, along Healy Creek.

  3. Hi Bob,
    When you say Sundance Lodge I think of Sundace Lodges off hwy 40. I’m starting to gather there are two places with similar names.
    Rhonda W

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