Erica meets Erica

Erica’s family are the Frischkorns who were the anchor donor for the West Bragg Creek Snow Rabbit purchase via their Frischkorn Family Foundation.

You can read more about this generous family on a post I made on Feb 7.

If you meet a skier and a dog both with red boots, say thank you. I see a second leash, so there may be another dog as well. 

That’s Boomer Groomer in the Rabbit. 

Does anyone know the dog’s name?

The Snow Rabbit was a godsend during January when we had poor weather and no new snow at West Bragg. It was able to keep the trails in reasonably skiable condition. 

Feb 18 Tracksetting Updates:

Confederation golf course

“More snow farming was done on the Yellow loop along 14th st on Wed night. This area is always hit hard when it warms up so the extra base will really help! It was groomed and trackset afterwards. The Green and Orange loops were also groomed and trackset on Wed night.”

Steep, narrow hills on Telephone trail at WBC

West Bragg Creek

The Nordic Pulse report has all the details of this morning’s and yesterday’s tracksetting. It’s -23°C at 7:30 a.m. with an expected high of -4. 

Telephone trail at WBC

Be cautious if you’re doing Telephone Loop because it could be busy. As Judy mentioned, “absolutely fabulous conditioons” so watch out for other skiers on the many challenging sections of this narrow, hilly trail. Downhillers have the right-of-way, so move to the side when you see a skier(probably with a look of terror on their face) coming toward you. 

Keep an eye out for Charlene Owen’s stone and silver bracelet which was lost, possibly at the West Crystal Line/Moose Connector/Snowy Owl junction.

Peter Lougheed Provincial Park

Elk Pass, Blueberry Hill, Hydroline, Patterson and Upper Lake. The Nordic Pulse report is not functioning properly for PLPP. 

The temperature at the Lower Lake at 7:30 a.m. is -25°C with an expected high of -8. 

Lake Louise

Upper Telemark and Peyto. 


How about a double-header this weekend? 

The Virtual Yoho Challenge goes until Feb 24. 

The Dawn Mountain Challenge at Golden, BC starts on Friday, Feb 19 and goes ’til Feb 28. 

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