Experiencing the mountains…right in the city!

Double tracksetting with bootprints – just like the mountains!

Thank you for all the comments on the previous post, I appreciate all the compliments. It tells me once again that xc skiers are kind and generous. It feels good to know the blog has been helpful to so many people. I’m truly overwhelmed with Janice Perry’s ability to create a poem for any occasion. 

The big hill

Accolades are in order for hard-core skiers Hugh and Helen for their trip reports on the third day of the Polar Vortex. I did a 45-minute urban ski tour at -23°C in Calgary and was amazed at how I could have such a similar experience as to being in the mountains. 

Narrow trails through the forest

I couldn’t ski out my back door like Steve Riggs, but had to drive a few kilometres to this dry storm pond where we used to walk our dog. Some skiers had already been out breaking trail in the main pond, which made for some nice and easy skiing, but I also ventured into the farmer’s barley field where I had to break my own trail in ankle-deep snow. 

Not knowing what was lurking underneath the snow, I used an old pair of skis which I’ve had since the year I started skiing. I wasn’t going for speed today. 

Open meadows with great views

Photos which reminded me of being in the mountains:

  • Double tracksetting with bootprints – similar to anyplace in the mountains
  • The photo of the big hill – just like Elk Pass. 
  • The outdated and faded signage – just like Banff.

    Leo the black lab was the highlight of my day

  • Narrow trails through the forest – just like Fox Creek
  • Open meadows with great views – just like Pipestone
  • Friendly, happy dogs – just like West Bragg Creek

Who needs to go to the mountains when you can have the same experience so close to home!

Tracksetting update:

Lake Louise: Bow River Loop; Campground Loop; Townsite; Upper & Lower Tramline.

Baker Creek to Castle Lookout. 

Banff: Tunnel Mountain, Cascade Valley, Upper Bankhead. 

PLPP: Amos, Meadow, Wheeler, Woolley. 

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  1. RIP (retire in peace) SkierBob! It’s been a fantastic journey, for you and many many others. What you have created will endure in more ways than just the technical cogs of a web site. It really is a wonderful inclusive community. Thank you so much for that. Retire with pride. We all look forward to a post covid retirement party when it’s ok to hug again. Maybe one last raffle/contest is in order though: It’s time to pass on the SkiHere toque (literally and figuratively) and don a trip reporter hat. Happy care free skiing Bob and see you on the trail, or better yet, at a relaxing comfortable couch. (-:

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