Feeling the love at Confed

Confederation golf course on Valentine’s Day

“Will you be my valentine?” was written in large letters in the snow at Confederation golf course today. I have added a photo of it in the gallery below. 

Dasha Atkins from Space Dogs Ski Club

The conditions at Confed are incredible with well-defined tracks and firm skating lanes. Polar grip wax was giving good traction on all the hills, and my glide was excellent with the cold-temperature glide wax on my skis. The temperature at noon was -19 with a fairly brisk south wind. There were 20 vehicles in the parking lot. 

Confederation golf course

It was nice seeing Dasha Atkins from Space Dogs ski club. She is also the person doing the waxing in the popular Wax Like a Mother waxing videos. They are simple and easy to understand guides to waxing for beginner to intermediate skiers. Dasha was a member of the Canadian national ski team for many years. You may remember her as Dasha Gaiazova. 

Cascade Valley is still there after the earthquake. Photo by Caroline Marion

Risto was on his skate skis after doing the epic double-header on Goat Creek yesterday on classic skis. He said conditions were good but slow. 

This cold snap is finally coming to an end tomorrow(Monday) and just in time for family day. The predicted high for Ribbon Creek from the Weather Network is -6, with similar nice temps for the remainder of the week. It’s already showing a warming trend at the Lower Kananaskis Lakes in PLPP where the temperature at 3 pm was -12.

Caroline Marion checked to see if Cascade Valley was still there after last night’s earthquake. She found a full parking lot and excellent conditions with a temperature of -14. The mountain and trail were still there, and she sent a photo to prove it. 

Canmore Chris said it was -10 as she was heading south past the Bill Milne trail, and saw skiers on the bypass trail. Chris also remarked, “Thanks so much to the Ribbon Creek groomers for grooming a detour around the ice floe so quickly!”

Interesting comment from Boomer Groomer regarding the Telephone Loop mess. I wonder what he thinks of Mike W’s suggestion? It’s a never-ending battle as the KHSC update indicates…

Update from Kicking Horse Ski Club: “Feb 14 Emerald got groomed yesterday–very busy Family Weekend and there were people walking on the ski trails and Fat Boarders skiing on the Fan–even after Joe spoke with them! A never ending battle–especially at Emerald! Good luck on the Virtual Yoho Challenge till the 24th –you can do this!”

Castle Junction to Baker Creek was trackset today as were the Pipestone trails in Lake Louise. 


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  1. We were at Confed late afternoon Thursday (11th) and saw the Valentine’s sentiment on the hill. Glad it lasted and hope whoever it was intended for saw it!

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