Friday night update

Virtual Birkie racers on Castle Lookout to Baker Creek. Photo by Chuck

Update: Feb 19/20 Tracksetting

PLPP tracksetting included Pocaterra from the Hut to Packers, Rolly Road, Come-Along, and Lynx. Saturday morning temperature at the Lower Lake is -7°C. 

Bill Milne, Wedge, Evan-Thomas, and Ribbon Creek. 

Confederation golf course: Blue and Green Loops. 

Shaganappi golf course: Groomed and trackset. 

West Bragg Creek: Check Nordic Pulse for the details. 

This weekend you have a choice of three virtual loppets which are ongoing…

Virtual Yoho nordic challenge goes to Feb 24. 

Dawn Mountain Challenge goes to Feb 28

Virtual Canadian Birkie goes to Feb 28

If you’re skiing in the Baker Creek area, Chuck noted that “no more tracksetting west of Baker Creek, and no tracksetting in Protection Campground as Olivia is denning in the area.”

From today’s trip reports, it sounds like conditions were pretty good. Hopefully the wind won’t cause any damage overnight. 

Meadows on Little Pipestone River looking to east side of Mt Hector. Photo by Rainer A

When you’re considering skiing a trail which you are unfamiliar with, it’s easy, and sometimes important to research it. On the sidebar, under Places to Ski, click on the trail you’re interested in and you’ll see the updates which I’ve written over the years. 

We’re hearing about some amazing trips which skiers are doing. Sara M completed an epic ski trip to the Sundance warden’s cabin yesterday with nine hours and 45K, and today’s trip report from Rainer A and Gary M on Skoki-Pipestone was 13 hours.  

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