Real time grooming reports are back

Update: Since posting this, both PLPP and Mt Shark have disappeared from the Nordic Pulse website. I think we discovered it before they were ready for us. 

Caution: The Nordic Pulse app appears to be in a testing phase, so continue to use the Alberta Parks trail reports as your ultimate authority for grooming reports. For example, it shows the most recent grooming in PLPP to be Feb 7, when it was actually Feb 9 as reported on the Alberta Parks website. 

Nordic Pulse is the new “Live Grooming” app. Yellow shows yesterday’s grooming at West Bragg Creek. Obviously there are still a few bugs to be ironed out. The list shows that Telephone Loop was groomed but it doesn’t appear in yellow. 

It will also cover the other trails in Kananaskis including PLPP, Ribbon Creek, Mt Shark, Sandy McNabb, and the Canmore Nordic Centre. It shows most of yesterday’s grooming at Mt Shark but not the Green Loop. 

The column heading ‘Tech’ refers to the type of trail or technique it is compatible with. ie skate or classic. sk/cl


In addition to the West Bragg Creek trails which you can see on Nordic Pulse,

Mt Shark: All trails were groomed and trackset on February 10th.  Some very light snow or ice crystals started floating around towards the end of the grooming (under a mainly clear sky), so there will likely be at least a trace of some sharp crystalled precipitation on top of the new grooming.

Banff: Healy Creek

Lake Louise: Peyto and Upper Telemark

Calgary: South Glenmore Park

Calgary is -30°C this morning, and we’re the warm spot! Today(Thursday) is the last day of the extreme cold temperatures. Starting tomorrow, it will just be severe cold for three more days. 

The Mud Lake(near Chester Lake trailhead) weather station indicates a temperature of -41°C this morning. 

I can’t imagine anyone skied the Virtual Yoho Challenge on its first day yesterday, but nicer weather is coming. It goes until Feb 24th. 

Weather Network forecast

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  1. I emailed Banff NP info centre about whether Parks Canada could join Nordic Pulse. This has been ‘passed along to management.’

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