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West Bragg Creek Update from Boomer Groomer

Feb. 2, 2021 0630h  Today is not the day to be an early bird! Temps were up to 10C or higher yesterday and may have dipped below freezing in a number of areas on the trails making for challenging skiing. Snow is expected imminently so skiing should improve dramatically over the next few days. Presently we would not recommend skiing unless you’re looking for a double poling workout. If you’re looking for an alternative, fat biking conditions remain excellent.

Feb 2 Lake Louise: The Parks Canada trail report indicates 15 cm of fresh snow on the trails this morning. 

Temperatures are hovering close to zero throughout the empire, so the fresh snow will be very sticky. 


Feb 1, 2021: We’re in for a long duration snowfall event for the coming week. Mostly smaller amounts such as one or two cm each day at the lower elevations. I’ve averaged the three forecasts and have come up with the following predictions for the next five days. I’ve listed these in order of the neediest areas first…

That snowfall chart is another example of the rich getting richer.  

It’s possible that the lower elevations will receive some rain tonight. With the warm temperatures, tomorrow(Tuesday) the snow will be wet. It turns colder on Wednesday. 

Question from Kevin in Portland, Oregon:

Hi Bob-  I have been following your site since 2016 and I love reading it, getting information and inspiration, so thank you!

I am a passionate Nordic skier and love it all–backcountry trail and track skiing.  I lead trips from Portland with the Oregon Nordic Club and we skied from Canmore in 2017 and 2018.  

I am planning a trip to the Canadian Rockies for early February for next year (hoping for pandemic’s end of course) and I am wondering if you know of a good place that might accommodate 10 people overnight for two nights or so, between Rossland and Canmore, where we could ski on the way up to Canmore?  I have been in contact with Nipika but have not gotten much back yet.  Any other ideas?  


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  1. Thanks again for all these links and resources. When the Pandemic ends I will have to quit my job so I can explore all these gorgeous places on skis!

  2. Thank you Helen, Doug and Roy- I appreciate the information and look forward to checking out those sites– and those trails eventually. Enjoy the bounty of snow you are getting!

  3. Kevin: I am partial to Yoho area and they have a smaller hotel in Field, BC called Truffled Pigs which I believe has 12 rooms and is complete with a very funky restaurant. Prices were very reasonable and a month ago hubby and I stayed there and were offered a discount for being members of Kicking Horse Ski Club ($50/yr). Trails available at that end and within 12 kms are: Lake O’Hara Fire Road (11 kms up one way), O’Hara end of Great Divide which one can ski to Lk Louise (11 kms.), Yoho Valley Road (5 kms or more if avalanche danger LOW), Tally Ho (right from Field Info Centre) takes you to The Connector (7 kms) which then takes you all way to Emerald Lk., and at Natural Bridge can ski Kicking Horse Fire Rd (7 kms). and scenic winner of all: Alluvial Fan at end of Emerald Lk. (8 kms starting at parking lot of Emerald Lk). Only problem is after a BIG storm, sometimes Trans Canada can be temporarily closed for avalanche control. They also have a CANSI level xc ski instructor who lives in Field, who is active in above.

  4. Kimberley has the best Nordic Center between Rossland and Canmore. It is also halfway between the two towns.


    This website appears to have lots of info about xc skiing areas in the Kootenays.

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