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If you missed it, I announced two weeks ago that this winter would be the end of the trail for me. 

In the interests of helping out a new blog person, what has been the most important feature of this blog for you? What would you miss the most if it wasn’t there?

I’m not going to make a shopping list of the requirements necessary for a blogger because I expect you wouldn’t be considering it if you didn’t already have the dedication, commitment, and most of all, the time. I fully expect someone with creativity and passion will take what I’ve done and make it into something even better.

I’ve had encouraging enquiries from a few people who are interested in starting up a new blog to replace this one. Below is the essence of my reply…

“I’ve already made the promise that I will post a link to anyone who starts up a site and I will do it this winter if someone has a viable website up and running.

It’s not my place to endorse or select anyone in particular. I’m going to leave that up to the readers. In other words, whoever makes their blog the most attractive to xc skiers will probably end up with the most readers as time goes on.

It would be wonderful to have a site set up this winter, mostly so you could fine-tune it during the quiet summer months. It would also allow you to receive feedback from readers on what works and doesn’t work.

I’m quite happy to have any of the information on SkierBob transferred over to a new site. For example, you could copy and paste a lot of the information under the Resources tab. The same goes for Webcams, Dog-friendly ski trails, etc.”

Keep it simple

Don’t try to be everything to everyone(admittedly, I wasn’t very good at taking my own advice!). As I’ve mentioned before, the Trip Reports are the most important feature of this blog, and should have a prominent place on your new blog. 

Another vital aspect of any new blog will be to act as a “nerve centre” for the xc community such as important announcements from government, tracksetters, or concerns affecting xc skiing. For example, the Kananaskis Grooming issue. This blog was the place to go to stay informed, to advocate, and ultimately to learn how and where to buy your parking passes. 


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  1. Thank you Bob for your blog! Your blog and information has helped me and my friends immensely when it comes to deciding where to go skiing. Many places we’ve never even thought or heard of. Your information has been well informative and, on some occasions, humourous :-). Best of luck to you. You will be missed.

  2. We use the trip and grooming reports every time we head out for a ski. When we first started seven years ago, this site was recommended by many people, and we have since passed it on to many new skiers.
    Thank you so much for keeping the blog going, it has been fantastic. Happy retirement!
    Wendy and Rob

  3. Above all else maintain the down home dawn-of-the-internet vibe.

  4. In addition to other comments, attributes of a “ski community” information sharing web site (if that’s the goal, hopefully):
    – A public, open and inclusive platform, no membership login or exclusivity
    – Not a for profit business or overly explicit advertising or product based platform

  5. Having a daily featured post is one of the things that brings me to your site every single day. Then, I go to trip reports. Like many others, I also use SkierBob as the primary link to weather stations and forecasts, webcams and grooming reports. I could save them all as “favourites” in my browser, but it is way easier to just go directly to this site.

  6. Hi Bob. You will be missed a lot 🙂

    Trip reports for sure. And pics.
    Grooming updates.
    The link to all trail maps in one place!

    Thanks for all. Cheers

  7. Hi!
    Hope this is appropriate… I would like to thank you, Bob, from the bottom of my skis for all you’ve done to keep us inspired and informed over the years.

    You probably don’t remember me but a few years back, I took your photo celebrating your 1000th kilometer (that season). It was at the top of the big hill at the beginning of Elk Pass with the splendid view of Upper and Lower Kananaskis Lakes down below.

    Wishing you many, many more kilometers, Bob!

  8. My priorities for a new blog:
    Trip reports are #1 90% of my time is spent on Skier Bob is on trip reports. Details like snow conditions (track conditions, skate -ability, dirt on the tracks , wax used, temperature. Parking etc.
    Ability to add pics VS a link to a photo storage page.
    After a while, I get to recognize the writer and trust their reports for accurate beta.
    Grooming updates are great as well.
    Keeping it current is probably the most important.
    Having a FAQ page for those questions that seem to get asked everyday on any Facebook page.

  9. Hi Bob, the trip reports for sure, the grooming updates and links to grooming reports, and the info on the loppetts were most useful to me.

  10. Philippe in Calgary

    The daily posting is where it all starts, and is a vital contribution.

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