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Update: After posting the below article, I received this comment from Ursula Wohlfarth, Fundraising Lead, Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association….

“Answering Bob’s query about why the Bragg Creek Trails Snow Rabbit is called Erica:

The ‘Erica‘ decal on the front windscreen recognizes our primary benefactor, Erica Frischkorn, who is a keen XC skier and who loves the fact that she can take her pooches along when she and her husband are out enjoying the trails.  The Frischkorn Family Foundation stepped up as the anchor donor for the $172,000 Snow Rabbit.  Following along with substantial donations were Pieridae Energy and the Shell Legacy Fund.

To make up the bulk of the remaining money needed, our trail users responded to an appeal and collectively contributed an amazing $68,000.  The final $9,000 came from Bragg Creek Trails’ general funds.  From the Board and the leadership team, thank you to all of our awesome supporters.  The Snow Rabbit has been a game changer this winter, providing a huge boost to the efficiency of Bragg Creek Trails’ grooming operations.” 

Mountain Road on Feb 6. Photo by Boomer Groomer

Sunday, Feb 7: This morning it was -30°C throughout the SkierBob realm. As I write this at 1:45 pm, the temperature at the WBC trailhead has moderated to -18 with negligible wind and bright sunshine. 

Iron Springs on Feb 6. Photo by Groomer Peter

Boomer Groomer sent in the above photo of groomer “Wild Bill” as he was piloting the Snow Rabbit known as Erica. I haven’t asked why it’s nicknamed Erica, but I have some inkling. 

New tracksetting on Saturday night/Sunday morning:

  • Peter Lougheed Provincial Park: Pocaterra from Hut to Packers, Rolly Road, Come-Along, Lynx, and the Pocaterra Grid. 
  • Kananaskis Village trails. 
  • Bill Milne trail from Ribbon Creek to the golf course. 

A reminder, the Virtual Yoho Challenge starts on Feb 10 and runs until the 24th. The weather is extremely cold for the first few days, but moderates gradually, and the long-term forecast shows highs around -8 for the weekend of the 20th and 21st. 

On a day with nice weather, the West Bragg parking lot would be nearing capacity by 9:30 a.m.

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