The end of the trail

Feb 8, 2021:

After 13 years, 2755 updates, and 28,000 comments this will be the final season for my blog.

Last year was supposed to be the final one, and I even told Chip and Peter on Jan 21, 2020 that it would be the end of the trail for this blog, then the government’s policy to end Kananaskis grooming was announced.

I decided it was important to keep it going for one more season to help with the Kananaskis Grooming situation, knowing that this blog is the anchor in a community which plays an essential role in advocating for xc skiing. 

It’s a little easier to say good-bye knowing there is already another xc site up and running to fill the gap: Tanya Koob is moderating a very active Facebook site  Cross country skiing YYC . It’s more of a complementary site to this one, so I think a blog like this one would still be important to a lot of people. Check it out and let us know what you think. 

Thank you to everyone who has contributed trip reports and comments. I am so fortunate and thankful for all the ski friends I’ve made because of this blog. 

Come November 2021, I will still see you occasionally on the ski trails(without my camera). 

I wanted to announce this well before the season is over so any people who may be interested in starting a new blog will have a chance to consider it while skiing is still top of mind.

When next season rolls around, my site will still be on the ‘net but the home page will redirect readers to any new sites that spring up. 

We’ve had huge growth in readership this winter. It bodes well for anyone who wants to start a new blog.

Update Feb 10: The CBC Eyeopener aired an interview with me CBC: SkierBob Retiring 


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  1. Thank you Bob for creating this huge family of like minded skiers and outdoors enthusiasts. Your big tent included many like me who are out of province, yet you made me feel most welcome.
    I wish you all the best in your future endeavors, which I am glad to hear will still include skiing.

  2. Well done Skier Bob. Thank you for all of the wonderful ski updates and the service you provided for us all. You’ve served the community well and I wish you all the best!

  3. I know I’m late to the game, but better late than never! Skier Bob, you’re a regular part of my winter routine. Every week I check out your posts to find out where to ski and have explored so much more of the Rockies because of you. Thank you so much for all you’ve done to advance XC skiing for all Albertans!

  4. I have loved your blog and will miss it immensely! Thank you for all the time and effort you’ve put into it over the past years. I met you once on Goat Creek and it was a real highlight!

    Could a trail in the Empire be renamed the SkierBob Classic or the Bob Truman Trail!?

  5. Bob,
    Thanks SO SO much for bringing together the Nordic community through your website.
    I still hope to meet you on the trail someday.
    Best wishes to you,

  6. I’m so sad!! Checking in on your website has been a part of almost every winter day for many years – that being said I realize this is a tremendous amount of work and those are hours you could be out on the trails. Thank you so very very much Bob! Your dedication to sharing good information has been so valuable to a huge community. Thanks for so many years of great service!!

  7. Thank you Bob for creating this wonderful resource for the x-country skiing community! Your site has been the go to place for current trail conditions and everything else x-country skiing for myself and many others for the last 13 years. I’m sure I’ll bump into you on the trails in the future. Until then wishing you all the best!

  8. Thank you Bob! The positive, welcoming style of your updates has done much more than just inform us about conditions and entertain us with stories. It has created a community of cross country skiers. It has embraced and celebrated all the different ways that we enjoy skiing. Many of us check SkierBob every day, often several times. There was always something new on the site- a new post, fresh trip reports, grooming reports and it was the hub that linked us to more details about weather, grooming reports, etc. But, to accomplish that, you had to be working on the website every single day. What a huge commitment!

    I’m hopeful that your remarkable example will inspire some others to pick up the torch to ensure that something similar will continue on. I expect it may require a team effort.
    Thanks for all that you have done to bring us together! See you on the trails!

  9. Thanks so much Bob for all you have done. I read your blog and the trip reports nearly every day during the x-c ski season. What you created has had value beyond belief. Congratulations

  10. We really can’t add many more accolades Bob. You have a huge loyal fan club, and they have stated it quite eloquently and we echo their sentiments.
    There is nothing but respect and admiration for all your hard work. You give up a lot of your own ski time to help others out, always with a big smile on your face. (And a happy greeting for the canine)
    Thankyou !!

  11. When I read it on CBC today my reaction was Oh No! Will REALLY miss your blog!! Thanks so much for all your work over the years

  12. On behalf of myself, and my humans Chris & Peter, thanks so much for all you’ve done for the XC community, especially where pupsters on trails are concerned – it’s been great to have access for doggies clarified. I know my humans check your page regularly before deciding where we will ski – this input will be sorely missed! Hope to see you on the trails soon!

  13. thanks thanks thanks
    Thx BOB, amazing to have used this for so many years

    PLEASE not a FB page. Not all of us rejoice with FB or have accounts.

  14. Like everyone else who has commented, thank you for your tireless efforts promoting and advocating for cross-country skiing in southern Alberta and eastern BC! May you enjoy whatever you have planned next.

    A coupe of years ago we relocated to B.C.’s Lower Mainland for work. I knew one thing I would truly miss was cross-country skiing in K-Country and WBC. I was right: I’ve been on my skis three times since moving here (and the skiing isn’t the same). I ski vicariously through this blog. =)

  15. Thank you Skierbob! For all your work putting together timely info and also your generosity in sharing it. Your blog is positive and upbeat, filled with great photos, current conditions, etc. Everyone who submits trip reports has been so willing to give info and tips to help us all have a better experience… Your website has so much helpful info/tips – webcams, weather, maps, competitions, gear, etc. We may not have known about the grooming kerfuffle with the gov but your website rallied us all and hopefully the user pay passes will have made a difference to keeping the tracksetting going. Enjoy your skiing next winter but know that you will be missed a lot.

  16. Thank you Bob for all you and your blog has done for the X-C ski community over the years. Also thank you for bringing together a group of great, thoughtful, kind and generous individuals through the blog. Everyone needs to retire at sometime and you have decided it is your time, so go for it. See you on the trails!

  17. Heartbreaking news. Wonderful to have had this blog for as long as we did – always something to look forward to. All the best!

  18. Thank you, Bob, for all you have done for cross country skiing. I will miss your posts.

  19. Love, love, love the updates and seek them out before heading out. I will certainly miss seeing what Skier Bob says.

  20. Bob you truly paved the way and kept us up to speed on where to go for incredible skiing. Thank you for taking the time to do this! I fondly remember the Lake Louise to Banff relay we did together with the others. Will hopefully see you on the trails!

  21. Thank you for providing such an amazing platform for the xc ski community!! When we moved back to Canada last year our friends told us that we had to follow SkierBob to get the best info about xc skiing…it completely exceeded our expectations. We follow all of your posts & website to help us plan all of our xc ski days. You are going to be sorrily missed and have left a legacy that will live on forever!! Good luck to you and Happy Trails!!!

  22. Bob, your support of the southern Alberta / eastern BC XC community has been outstanding. A hearty congratulations and many thanks.

  23. Bob, thanks for all that you have done for the Calgary and area cross country ski community. You will be missed! Best of luck for your future endeavours.

  24. My family and I will miss all the comments, trip reports and insight. As with many it was an honour to meet you on the trail a few years ago.

  25. Yes, me too. Will miss you Bob. I check your site every day before I go to sleep and as soon as I wake up. Plus some days even more often. I probably would not have to do it, since I ski with Helen often and I think she is on your web every hour. But I do not blame you, I also am trying to limit my time on the computer and the contrary is happening right now. Maybe you will still change your mind when the next winter comes. Enjoy this one.

  26. The first question I always ask a fellow cross country skier, “Do you follow Skierbob”. The answer is always “Yes”! This site provides so much information and inspiration. It is the first (and pretty much only) site I check on before we head to the trails. Your blog posts,Bob; trip reports; answers to questions, trails conditions; your site is such a huge part of our winter. You will be greatly missed!! Thank you for all you have done for this ski community.

  27. I secretly hoped that somehow, miraculously, this site will go on forever; can’t imagine heading off to the mountains without looking for info here first. Thank you, Mr. Truman, for your great service to the community.

  28. Well, they say that “all good things must come to an end” 🙁
    It’s just that “WE” – the XC Skiers of the EMPIRE aren’t ready to say farewell to what has felt like home base for so many of us for so long. “” has become every skier’s BFF 😉
    BOB: Thanks for your dedication & the many hours you devoted to your exceptional website – a true labour of love! So grateful to you for sharing it with us for these many years!
    Best wishes to you as you “retire” to the freedom of the many happy trails ahead!
    Cheers to you!

  29. Bob, you deserve our thanks! I recall when we first started to xc ski, how frustrating it was to glean a little information from the websites, and then just how relieved we were to find your humble “home page”. Kudos for what you’ve accomplished here! Grateful that your webpage doesn’t demand to turn us into a product.

  30. Thank you Bob for all the work you did over the years.
    For years you have been our #1 resource to decide where we would ski.
    I also love how positive you were and always stayed away from criticizing anyone or anything.
    Whoever is thinking to take over will have BIG shoes to fill.
    Thank you, thank you and looking forward to meeting on the trails for many more years.
    Sophie & Andrew

  31. Bob… you’ve built a wonderful following thanks to your ongoing passion, engagement, and willingness to tackle/facilitate many challenging issues. You’ve given voice to the average person (comments, reports, etc), enabled and solicited engagement and participation from many, and even though this is a very simplistic blog/forum it is true to it’s cause and maximizes utility. You’ve managed to help keep much of the cr@p off this site (ie: poor comments, trolls, bad advertising, “selling out”, etc…).
    Between you, and the many contributors, you’ve helped so so many of us find anticipation, joy, and share our crazy/gleeful moments on ye ‘ole misery sticks.
    Hopefully you will entertain many out on the trails as we encounter you. Hopefully you have some swag you can find a way to offload (hint: fundraiser for ski-related services).
    Hopefully you will consider some form of “hand-off” and/or continuation in whatever form this site and you would support?

    Thank you for the few times you referenced any of my posts. Thank you for some of the personal notes over the years too. Thank you.

    As you ski off to the end of the tracks… be proud man. Be proud.

    Thank you.

    (dangit… dunno how this became a long drawn-out note)…

  32. Tears are running down my face. What will we do without you Bob??? You leave a lasting legacy and the XC community was very fortunate to have you for as long as we did. Thanks for everything!!! Happy Trails 🙂

  33. Bob thanks for all you have done for the cross country ski community with much appreciation from Janice and Charlie Perry .

    One last poem for the Blog for you Bob by Janice

    When looking for a good cross country ski source
    Everybody tunes in to Skier Bob’s Blog of course

    Information on trails, conditions, maps, and stories
    Anecdotes and photos of skiers in all their glory

    Bob’s camera ensures a picture says a thousand words
    As we see scenic trails, happy skiers, mammals and birds

    Let’s not forget all the contests and prizes
    There’s always something wonderful to surprise us

    Informative trip reports bring our ski community together
    Details of trails, waxes, conditions and weather

    Everything you need is in one place
    Hopefully the info won’t disappear without a trace

    If you lost something on the trail don’t sob
    Look for it in the Lost and Found section of Skier Bob

    Looking for information on Loppets to try
    Find this on Skier Bob in a blink of an eye

    Not sure where to ski with your dog
    There’s even a section to help on Bob’s blog

    Need to write a letter to the government to lobby
    Get all the information on the Blog of skier Bobby

    Want to ensure you have great conditions for your favorite sport
    Just click on the section titled Grooming Reports

    Bob you have made so many friends on the trail
    Now its time to just ski and enjoy your fan mail.

  34. BARB aka the snow fairy

    Thank you for your beautiful blogs and excellent reporting. You’ll be missed Bob! Happy Ski Trails.

  35. All of my friends and I say (when deciding anything relating to xc skiing) “but what does it say on SkierBob?”. You will be missed greatly. THANK YOU so much for everything that you have done, and the way you have done it – such grace and positivity – what a great spokesperson for xc skiing.

    Hope to see you on the trails!

  36. Bob, what will we do without you! You’ve become a legend in the xc ski community. Thank you so much for your years of dedication to providing us with so much information about our favourite sport! I certainly hope you never lose your passion for skiing – maybe you can get out even more now! We’ll be looking forward to seeing your trip reports in whatever new blog rises from the ashes! Happy ski trails, Bob!

  37. Thanks a lot Bob for the commitment on your website over the years, in being the common thread of the skiing community in the Calgary and Rocky Mountain areas. Whether it was for track-set, flat-pack, knee-deep trail breaking or powder turns, there was always a good snow all-you-can-climb’nglide buffet on the website. It will be a tough task to replicate the same standards and wealth of info we could find before and after any ski adventures. Hopefully, there will be a unique place for all the regular contributors to share their stories and all of us to gain valuable information.

    I enjoyed reading all accounts daily, especially those from Helen, Alf, Chuck, MaSid, MAAD, Mike W. et al. Knowing where all those contributors will post their reports starting this fall, to get accurate info on trail and snow conditions as well as photo galleries, would be great to fuel up on each other outings. Ski safe.

  38. Bob, Empires come and go, but not many, if any, depart at the height of their powers. Skierbob has been an invaluable resource to me over the past many years. Many thanks for your significant contribution to our winter pleasure.

  39. Devasting news – just devasting! We are mourning the loss of this exceptional website.
    We actually get “all the news we need” on the Skierbob report!
    What will we do every evening and early morning without checking out who went where, and what they found?
    We luckily discovered this site about 8 years ago and what a blessing it was. We learned so much and were incredibly inspired by so many of your Trip Reporter’s exploits. What an incredible crew of reporters.
    Great job Bob – you are star and we can’t thank you enough for all your hard work and dedication to the sport. Your website is REALLY going to be missed in our household.
    Enjoy your new schedule and we look forward to seeing you the Skierbob Special in PLPP.
    3 Cheers to you – JR & Karen

  40. You are a LEGEND. Thank you for the years of information, insight and communication. I hope someone can fill the BIG shoes you leave behind so we can continue this awesome community of active peeps sharing knowledge and trail tips.

    Thanks again ROCKSTAR BOB!!

  41. Wow! You’ve been my go-to website to figure out where to go skiing for the last decade!
    I will miss this structure (as opposed to the FB structure), but understand the need to step-back at times.
    Thanks for everything you’ve done for the community.

  42. Bob,
    I can’t imagine a ski season without you and your BLog Bob. 🙁 . But I completely understand your decision. I was just saying to a friend on the weekend it must be so much work for you to maintain this blog as well as you do. I can’t remember how many years ago I started tuning in but it was many.
    Thank you so much for all you’ve done for the x country ski community and for announcing this now instead of end of the season. Other bloggers may take on this challenge but it’ll never be the same or as great as yours.

    Rhonda W

  43. Thank you SkierBob!

    Identifying primarily as a backcountry skier I have nevertheless found your blog to be extremely valuable and entertaining.

    Hopefully someone with a lot of time on their hands will *just get off the couch* and pick up the reins.

  44. Thanks Bob for your great contribution over the years.

    I, and some friends were some of the first groups (from Edmonton and Vancouver) greeting you on Pocatera 15 or so years ago, and followed you on this blog ever since.

    Your notes, friendly banter and pix lightened up the day:-). Now that the Long Loop (cca 30km) from WWL is too much of a challenge for me , I do my skiing in Edmonton and view this blog to reminisce!! Alas, with warmer winters the XC tracks are rather unreliable here. So I went to the dark side, to down-hill skiing at Snow Valley, Edmonton. They groom every night, so ice is not a problem.
    Thanks again, good health and all the best, Emry

  45. Thanks Bob, I refer to your blog often. I appreciate all the effort you have contributed to our community.

  46. Thanks Bob for all the years of providing a great platform for trail information. This has been a big part of our trip planning. While Skierbob blog may ski into the sunset, hope to see you on the trails. Warm hearted thank you.

  47. Thanks for everything that you do for cross country skiing Bob, we are very grateful for the vast amount of information you provided, and for the community you have fostered with your website. It will always be the SkierBob Empire, best wishes!

  48. Thanks for all your hard work over the years, I don’t know how to manage without this site. I hope someone else can take it over, or start a similar one.

  49. Thanks Bob, for all the effort you’ve put into this website over the years. I find that just posting a trip report with photos is a lot of work, let alone what you have to do on a daily basis. Hopefully you’ll have more time now to go skiing! Just post your phone number at the top of your home page so we can all phone you to find out where to ski! <>

    Similar to MAAD’s idea, perhaps a XC ski shop or a ski club would be interested in setting up a similar website. That way, the work could be split between several people.

    • Between the “” in my comment above, I had written “Insert ‘just kidding’ emoji here”. For some reason it didn’t show up!

  50. Thanks for all your hard work! I have treasured this site and the community it has forged. Wishing all the best in your new adventures!

  51. I just wanted to say thanks, Bob! We appreciate everything you’ve done for our local ski community. Enjoy the next chapter, you deserve it.

  52. Skier Bob,

    Thank you for all the years I’ve turned to Skierbob to check trail conditions & reports & enjoy folks’ shares!

    Enjoy retirement from managing the blog & hopefully see you on a trail!

  53. Our small group has found your blog so helpful over the years. So so appreciated! Thank you for your tireless efforts. Wishing you the best.

  54. It won’t be the same, but you’ve certainly done more than your share for the rest of us over the years. Thanks, Bob!

  55. Skierbob's Groupie

    You are Skierbob, professional, star quality, ski royalty extraordinaire. You started your own blog, Skierbob Banana Republic in 2008 because you found your passion for skiing. It was a great idea as you wanted to provide all the information that you became interested in, in one location.This information took a tremendous amount of time to accumulate as well as providing a one-stop blog to obtain all the answers for others who enjoyed this sport as well, and wanted this same knowledge and could find it all in one place. I am sure it took you a lot of time to contact all of your support people, experts, government contacts, groomers, and of course introduce yourself to each of them to explain your idea and concept of your blog.

    By reading your blog today, I can see why many people read it as they all can see the amount of time and effort you put into it. I can also see it has been a time consuming passion of yours. Not only did you get the support from others, you compiled excessive amounts of material from individual sites to provide complete and necessary information to aficionados like yourself who are looking for similar information also for enthusiastic beginners. You answer so many questions daily on your blog and while some of the questions don’t appear to pertain directly to this sport, you still faithfully supply what information you can. I am amazed at how you find some of the information sometimes to help others. So may enthusiasts want to know: the weather today, tomorrow and the amounts of snowfall, the condition of the snow, and even potential storms, when the trails were last groomed, the condition of the trails, any trail hazards, or hidden curves and training or speed hills. Besides all that people want to know wax treatments for the skis in any weather, parking availability or restrictions. On top of all of this you took the lead in compiling more information and contacting everyone to help push the voluntary purchase of parking passes, to support the continued upkeep of the ski trails. So once everyone reads these facts, you further entice them to go skiing right now by showing all those gorgeous pictures taken by your friends and of course your own. As one person stated on your blog, this is a gold mine!

    This blog isn’t all hard work for you though there is a lot to do. You must get off the ski couch and ski around yourself, talk to numerous people, say hello to all the beautiful dogs (you talk to them all). You talk to as many people as you can, you are friendly and concerned, asking everyone how they are and if they have any issues. It is all about your ambassadorship for skiing and treating everyone as part of your skiing family, Skierbob Banana Republic X-Country Skiing.

    No wonder you are known as a celebrity on the slopes Skierbob! You blog is a one-stop dynamite place where you have provided your own attachments and insight into the contribution from others. This sight is a part of you, the humour, the honesty, it is your heart. It’s a joy for all of us to read and take advantage of your knowledge and facts. Thank you for all of your dedication.

  56. This and Kamloops trails are my two favorite, resourceful and most helpful blogs I’ve ever subscribed to.

    Well done and your work was most appreciated!

    Hopefully someone will carry on all the resources you’ve built up.

  57. I have been reading your blog for many years. Thanks for all you have done! Catch you on the trails 🙂

  58. Nooooooooooooooooooooo!

    Rats. Thanks a lot for all the work you’ve put into this site over the years. Thanks to you and the people you’ve brought into your world, I’ve discovered new places to ski, learned a lot about the sport, and have found a community I’m happy to be part of. I’m convinced that a big reason there are so many people on the trails this year is due to the access to information you’ve been providing.

    Thanks again, and hopefully I’ll finally run into you on the trails one day!

  59. As the novice XC Skier 7 years ago, Bob, your blog was the first source I found which inspirited and informatized my wife and myself searching for joys of freezing winters. Thank you very much for over-years efforts running the blog. Wish you all the best.

  60. Bob you have made a measurable and considerable impact on our xc skiing community. Thank you so much for your dedication and enthusiasm for this wonderful sport. Wishing you a happy “retirement” and now more time for getting out on those trails you love. All the very best!

  61. Thanks for everything you’ve done. I promise to do my part to keep things going in the Facebook group (apparently we have 6000 members!)
    Starting a new blog isn’t in my future but I hope somebody is inspired to do so.

    You’ll be missed. I’ve visited your site nearly daily over the past several years.

  62. It’s clear this website has been a labour of love for you over the years, Bob. We cross country skiers have benefited significantly from your commitment and dedication to providing this forum to share information and encouraging a sense of community for all us. Thank you! and Happy Trails!

  63. Bob, it’s just the start of a new trail for you! Thanks so much, your blog has done so much for cross-country skiing.

  64. Annika Lindh Cully

    I’m sorry to hear this as your site has been a real source of inspiration for me! When I moved to Calgary from my home country of Sweden I found your site pretty fast and it has helped me feel more at home here, it has inspired many trips with my family. Thanks for all the work with keeping it such a current and relevant site. I will miss it!

  65. But I just signed up yesterday!! Sounds like you have been a great asset to this community and will be missed. All the best:)

  66. Will miss you Bob! Thanks for an amazing blog – we read it all the time and will continue to look back on all the wealth of information you have provided to the cross-country skiing community! Thanks for keeping the site on.
    Hope you can enjoy your skiing even more now!

  67. Thanks so much for your dedication and hard work, Bob. The terrific information in your blogg has been a great help to our small cross-country ski group. We will miss you!

  68. Your blog will be sorely missed! There’s such a community feel to it- skiers sharing photos, trail updates, photos of wildlife or dogs encountered, etc.
    I hope there is someone out there willing to continue with a blog as many folks prefer an emailed blog to using Facebook, although it’s great to have both.
    Thank you and happy trails.


    Shutting down SkierBob will harsh the XC Ski Nation’s buzz.

    I hope you are going to shift to Making Alberta A Democracy now!

    Thanks for the great service Bob.

    Ski long and prosper.

    (PS Sell your website to a ski shop)

  70. Bob, you have done a fabulous job in conveying a worth of info to hundreds of enthusiastic Skiers. I am blind and your blogs really helped me to choose where I could to and safely ski. Truly, we will miss you. Thanks indeed. I hope someone else takes over to administer your site or starts another one. May God bless you.

  71. AJ and Ellen Flesch

    We’ve really appreciated this site for a wealth of reasons. You have created a community and injected us all with tremendous spirit for the winter season. We will all miss you. Does one have to have a FB account to access the FB site? We do not have a FB account. Please someone think about picking up the mantle. I nominate Helen. But I know there are several others that get out daily.

    • Yes, unfortunately you do need a FB account for the YYC Cross country skiing group.
      We currently have 5000+ members in the group but I realize not everybody wants to join FB.

      Something to consider, we do have some members who have created very basic FB accounts just to access groups. They don’t show their full name (So I’d be Tanya Tanya, leaving out my last name for example) and you can fully customize your privacy settings. They don’t actually post anything on their personal pages, they don’t share photos, etc. They just use the groups.

  72. There is not a day in winter when I don’t read all the updates / trip reports to plan my next outing……the blog will be sorely missed and for sure you would deserve a proper send off at the end of the ski season from all the readers / trip reporters! Would you consider letting a group of aficionados take over the blog and continue your “oeuvre” or are you more inclined to just close the blog?
    In any case many many thanks for the time and energy you dedicated to the ski community and being such a great ambassador to this sport.

    • Hi Jean-Francois, my platform is old and wonky and someone needs to make a fresh start, but I will keep it on the ‘net and post a prominent link on the home page to anyone who starts a new website. I believe that will be the most effective way to re-direct readers to any new site(s), so I don’t want to give my URL to one person or group in particular. I am confident that someone who is tech-savvy and creative can do an even better job.

  73. I just got back into XC skiing before Christmas and your site as recommended by a long time follower of yours (thanks Rhonda) was instrumental in getting me the information needed to facilitate a fast and informative launch! Thank you so much, Bob!

  74. Thank you for a great website So nice to have access to all the information! A job well done!

  75. Thanks Bob, for doing so much for the xc ski community!
    Don’t put that camera away, though.

  76. Wow, this blog will sure be missed! I’ve only started cross country skiing this year but I appreciate all the work you (and others) have put in over the years. Also, meeting you on the trail and having my photo make it onto the blog was a special memory from this year – yes, I sent it to my parents because I think it’s a big deal! I’ve really enjoyed visiting and I’ll be sad to not check this site every morning next winter. Thank you again!!!

  77. Warren Smith, Olds.

    Is there a more useful, comprehensive and appreciated xc ski blog in the Universe than the skierbob universe? I think not. Entertaining and helpful, principled and ethical. Thank you, Bob.

  78. I feel as though a dear friend is about to pass away. The memories will linger on, long after a “new” initiative emerges.
    Happy trails Bob!

  79. Thank you so much for your enormous volunteer contribution to the XC skiing community. Your site contains so much valuable information. You will be missed, I hope to thank you in person soon.

  80. Mary Catherine MacLaren

    Thanks so much Bob! My husband and I have Loved your blog and have viewed it for years as we love x-country skiing and find your blog to be so informative!
    you will be sorely missed!

  81. A heartfelt thank you. Your work on behalf of the skiing community is so greatly appreciated.

  82. Its a very sad day to hear this news Bob, thank you for all you’ve done for our skiing community, I’m personally very appreciative of the tremendous energy you’ve put into Skier Bob, awesome, awesome job

  83. Wow you will be sorely missed! This blog has been such a benefit to all of us who love cross country skiing… hope to meet you on the trail someday and thank you in person.

  84. Thanks for all you have done Bob. I have enjoyed reading your blog for years and I appreciate the huge volunteer commitment you have provided.

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