The man behind Nordic Pulse

Julien Locke #16, Nordic Pulse developer, racing for Canada in 2018

Feb 11, 2021: This morning when I logged into the West Bragg Creek trail report, I was greeted with the banner “Exciting news: Check out our new real time grooming reports on Nordic Pulse.”

Not content to stop there, I snooped around and discovered that all the xc ski areas in Kananaskis were now served by Nordic Pulse. It’s just that they were still in the testing mode and not quite ready for us. 

The man behind Nordic Pulse, Julien Locke, sent an email this evening with an explanation:

“Hey Bob,

Thanks for the mention on your site today! As you noticed, Nordic Pulse is brand new and most places are still in testing mode – ironing out the trail networks and getting the grooming teams up and running. Nelson Nordic and Black Jack are the two “official” reports, with West Bragg very close (they have a couple trails left to map), and everyone else still in testing.

I appreciate the publicity. After 4 months of development, including 6 weeks of beta testing with a dozen ski areas, I’m super excited about getting the system out. We’ve been online for 7 days now and have had over 900 users, many checking the website daily. I’m looking forward to getting more and more ski-areas onboard.”

Check out the Nordic Pulse website and see how the system works. 

Nordic Pulse was designed and developed by Julien Locke from Nelson, BC. A member of the Canadian National Ski Team from 2016-2020, Julien is a full time athlete and a website/app developer. 

The Sandy McNabb trails will eventually be reported on the Nordic Pulse system, but for now they’re still on the old SkiTrails site:



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  1. Check out the Feb 2021 Trip Reports. There’s a Sandy McNabb report that was posted yesterday evening.

  2. Does anyone know the current condition of Sandy McNabb? I looked at the interactive map and it says some trails were track set about 5 days ago. I went out there 4 weeks back and there was nothing… no tracks no trails, everything was pulverized by people walking on them. I used to ski there as a kid and would love to take my kids out there but don’t want to get out there and be disappointed again 🙁

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