Tracksetting Update on Day 8 of the cold snap

Mountain Road at West Bragg Creek on Feb 12. Photo by Boomer Groomer

We can finally see some light at the end of this frigid tunnel. While it is still extremely cold today, the mountains are flirting with Pineapple Express temperatures for Sunday of -11°C at Kananaskis Village. 

With little new snow and little traffic, most tracksetting from the past week should be in good shape. 

Feb 12 Tracksetting

West Bragg Creek:

It’s -21°C at 8 a.m. at the trailhead. Weather forecasts show a high ranging from -15 to -19. 

“All trails have been groomed and track set for the  weekend.Temperatures are still forecast to be cold, and the snow is slow, but it is beautiful skiing in West Bragg right now. Dress for the weather and enjoy!”

It looks like the Nordic Pulse report for WBC is up-to-date. 

Confederation golf course in Calgary

Yellow, Purple and Orange Loops were groomed and trackset on Friday night.

Peter Lougheed Provincial Park

Only a trace of new snow fell during Friday night’s grooming. The following trails were trackset: Elk Pass, Blueberry Hill, Patterson, and Upper Lake Connector. It’s -35°C at the Lower Lake at 8 a.m. Forecasts for today’s high are all over the map, ranging from -22 to -12. 

Kananaskis Village area

“Bill Milne, Wedge Connector and Evan Thomas. Excellent conditions. A small ice flow exists on Bill Milne at the north end of the meadow. It does not present a problem right now, but has the potential to get bigger.”

Strathmore golf course 

Groomed and trackset including a loop on the lake. See previous update for photos and details.


I see that Sundance Lodge has opened for the season which would lead me to believe that Brewster Creek may have been trackset recently. 


Kicking Horse and Tally-Ho. 

Canmore Nordic Centre

Check the extensive trail report for details. 

Sandy McNabb

The trails were trackset on Feb 10, 11. 

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