As spring arrives, winter returns

Hoping to see Winter Wonderland return to PLPP. File photo of Elk Pass.

Mar 18, 2021: Check the Trip Reports page for a detailed account of conditions in the south end of PLPP from Ray Perrott, and the north end from Keith Bagnall. 

See the Trip Reports to read about Chuck’s trip to Skoki Lodge today

This recent stretch of warm weather may not be that surprising at the lower elevations, but it is unusual to get such a long period of above-zero temperatures in PLPP and Lake Louise at this time of year. 

Spring officially arrives on Saturday March 20, and that is also the day when ski conditions should start to improve. There are small amounts of snow in the forecast for Saturday and Sunday, but Monday should see a significant snowfall. 

Watridge Lake road at Mt Shark. File photo is predicting sub-zero highs starting Saturday, and 7 cm of snow on Monday for PLPP, and similar for Lake Louise, with totals around 18 cm over the next five days. All the forecasts are predicting colder temps and snow, so something should materialize. 


Most of the trails at Mt Shark have been trackset over the past 24 hours, but take note, Watridge Lake road was only trackset as far as the lake. The expected high for Friday at Mt Shark is +2 with 2 cm of fresh snow and/or rain. Driving the Spray Lakes road is not much fun in the spring. Expect lots of mud and potholes. As Oleg mentioned on his trip report, “The road is indeed a neverending stretch of potholes.”

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