Avalanche in mid-flight

Mosquito Creek avalanche. Photo by Chuck

Chuck captured some amazing photos on his Mosquito Creek ski trip today. The avalanche is spectacular, but the wolverine tracks are also very interesting. Most animal tracks would not be identifiable after being snowed upon but the three-print diagonal of a wolverine is unmistakeable even after it is a few days old and obscured. 

Wolverine tracks. Photo by Chuck

The fact that Chuck submitted his report and photos tells us that he knows where to go to avoid the avalanche danger. 

The first time I heard an avalanche, I thought it was thunder. It was mid-April of the year 2000 and I was skiing to Blueberry Hill for the first time ever. I thought it was odd that it would be thundering on a clear day in early spring. I eventually clued-in. 

Grooming in PLPP has resumed. CMS submitted a trip report from last night’s tracksetting… “Fresh tracksetting was wonderful. Right from the start we had control snowplowing on the downhills, although noisy…”

I imagine tracksetting will continue as long as the temperatures drop below zero at night. Weather forecasts for PLPP indicate daytime temperatures will be at zero or below starting on Sunday. There’s even a bit of snow predicted for Friday. 

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